• Carlos Jones

    I can’t believe you guys let me go, I had big plans for this team. Without me you are nothing

  • Marc Trestman

    hey all,
    Marc here. I knew Carlos back in the day when we coached underground powder puff matches in the Bronx. Great guy but he could never get the ladies on track. On a side note, if you are interviewing I would be very interested. I know the Chicago area well and would like to put myself back into Chicagos Spotlight. The club football team has shown great strides despite being out scored by nearly 500 points last season. The one (forfeit) and eight record does not accurately represent the eleven practices we had leading up to the first game. They spent at least six hours in the gym and it has paid off.

  • Troll

    Hi, I’m a troll and I have nothing better to do than hate on the football team to justify my miserable existence. Carry on.