• Emerik

    You’re correct, the key is keeping BG Jr. I think the ideal coaching candidate is Ty Corbin. He doesn’t have college coaching experience, but having a DePaul guy on the sidelines is undeniably appealing. We will see what happens in the coming weeks.

  • Griffin

    You can’t hold back this program any longer just to keep Garrett. He’s a solid ball player, but not someone who can’t be replaced. Crockett alluded to the selfish play which has been a constant in Purnell’s five years. At this point I don’t see how that changes.

    You need a new coach and a new athletic director. Do we really want the same AD who hired Wainwright and Purnell to be left with the task of hiring the next coach?

    It’s clear the administration has no clue what an asset a winning men’s basketball team can be to the university.

  • Boyee

    I’m shocked that there is no mention in this article that the Director of Athletics, has hired 2 head coaches that have been unsuccessful in leading the men’s basketball team, which hasn’t made the NCAA Tournament since 2004. The time is now for a new coach and a new AD. 11 years of futility (failing to make the NCAA Tournament) for the flagship men’s basketball program speaks very negative volumes about the DePaul. Choosing Wainwright and Purnell were obviously very poor choices that have yet to be rectified. DePaul need to clean house ASAP.

  • Nick

    I want to see Purnell and the AD go as much as the next fan, but I just don’t see DePaul eating his remaining 2 years and potentially losing their best player. I think they let Purnell fail one more year, buy out his last year, then bring in a new coach who can can actually recruit Chicago kids while selling the new arena to recruits simultaneously. I mean, that would make sense, so it’s a stretch for this program…

  • john david

    This program was once the celebration of Chicago. It has been so long no one remembers what a good team looked like, what a packed house sounded like or how high their TV ratings were (are these games even televised now?). They moved the program to the burbs, fired joey in ”97….the only way to get this on course it to hire a coach like Mike Krzyzewski and recruit from Chicago.