• Joe

    “So, contrary to conventional wisdom, raising minimum wages poorly targets the poor.”……..following that logic, lowering the minimum wages beneficially targets the poor??!?!

    Anyone that truly believes that quote needs to learn how to conduct a well-controlled scientific study. The logic is too far off to be accurate.

    If I misunderstood then this sort of hogwash statement should be followed by legitimate qualifiers.

  • Pops

    The issue begins and ends with the politicians here. Big business = big lobbyist money. Minimum wage increases erode the advantage big business holds over small business, for details…http://www.slate.com/articles/business/moneybox/2014/04/a_small_business_owner_s_case_for_raising_the_minimum_wage_better_living.html Well “fed” D.C. politicians are not going to allow big companies like WM to suffer in order to appease the “75% of Americans” who would be in favor of a significant minimum wage increase. I would be 100% behind a $15.00 minimum wage despite the fact that I realize there would be a slight increase in product prices. Big versus small business would come down to purchasing power weighed against low overhead and remove the significant advantage of wage disparity.