• Sandra Stone

    How is this redemption? Mayor Emanuel would be wise not to strut on the graves of the revered dead to jubilate about Chicago “grit” while he implements the privatization of public goods and services in today’s Chicago that require it. It’s a pretense that cannot end well.

  • Hi Jackson. Nice article. I am an actor/producer. We were part of the festival. We were in costume reciting monologues from our up coming play; Bloody Haymarket. It’s an original theatrical production we will be presenting in the Spring.

    I was so hoping you would mention my group in you article.

    Please check out our website; http://www.bloodyhaymarket.com. If this piques your interested, please feel free to contact us.

    be well


  • ejhickey

    The City of Chicago is in the middle of a financial crisis. At least $200,000 of Chicago tax dollars helped pay for this event and perhaps more . the City has no business using tax dollars for events like this when it can’t pay for teachers’ pensions and schools are in danger of closing. I know the amount seem small but in times like these every dollar counts. the city should cancel future events like this which are nothing but bread and circuses meant to divert public attention from the fact that the City can’t afford to deliver essential public services to all its residents, especially those in need.