• Now hear this

    Black people do not have a monopoly on a hairstyle activist.

    • Black Women

      why do white people feel entitled to take things that aren’t theirs?

      • Arachnidia

        people are entitled to wear their own hair anyway they like. That isn’t taking anything from anytbody

    • tashy

      white poeple do not have a monopoly on black people!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terra Spencer

    I can understand the fact trends seem not set by the main culture wearing a hairstyle but hair style is not a culture issue. It is the fact we overlook great things the black cultures do in our sociocity which is a wrong and the fact we down play great moments from black people which should upset us more. Hair is hair. If I love how you did yours enough to want to wear the same style, I would think it is a complient to you. Not a slap in the face. I have hair which is thin but a lot of it. As I’ve aged I’ve found I have only one style which I can look good in and it’s not one I like at this point. Short. With dreadlocks, I can get a long length with a thick look to my hair. I don’t see dreadlocks as a race issue or an age issue either. I think hair is only an expression of ourselves and a nod to those we find look awesome in the same styles. I hope humans of every race can find more important issues to overcome and to truly embrace our gifts we bring each other without hate. I know we have a very long way to go but I don’t think hair should be what divides us.

    • anon

      Cultural appropriation isnt “flattering.” People of color don’t need you to wear their hairstyle for them to like it, and to think so is really conceited. There is a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural exchange. So unless you’re educated on the reasons why dreads are a cultural symbol, and being respectful while wearing it, you are appropriating. I mean no disrespect so don’t hate me haha.

  • IskurBlast

    So let me get this straight. In the 19th century Indians come to Jamaica as indentured servants. They introduce the blacks there to dreadlocks and ganja. The blacks adopting this becomes a culture that the article defines as “African”.

    News flash morons. Black people are not the only people who thought of knotting their hair and matting with oil, mud, etc.

  • anon

    How can a white person participate in cultural exchange instead of cultural appropriation? How can a white person wear dreads respectfully? I’m not white, I’m just curious.