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  • Vlad

    Something tells me he won’t be getting elected to office anytime soon.

  • srsbusiness



  • Paul Doom

    Is the office he wants to run for a prison cell?

  • john1gun

    His low self esteem won’t be helped by getting schlonged by Milo.

  • Paul Cavanaugh

    Time to put this animal in prison.

  • Vladimir Wadegreene

    Animal, savage. A cancer to society. Throw him in the trash

  • He such a good little boi *sniff* he would nevuh threaten anybody or hurt a flah *sniff* HE DINDU NUFFIN WRONG!

  • Scott G Slanda

    What a worthless waste of human flesh this dirtbag is. Barging onto a stage, threatening physical violence against a campus speaker; because Mr Ward is too stupid to combat his ideas he turns to violence. And DePaul will certainly not punish him, or even expel him from campus, for creating a hostile environment.
    Evidently, the only ones who deserve safe spaces are liberals. Conservatives are fair game.

    • milliamp

      If the tables were turned there would have been violence AND hate crime charges against the people rushing the stage and making threats to the speakers.

      • B.S. The man should be ashamed of himself.

  • SmileWithMe

    After seeing him stand up in a room yelling at a bunch of republicans, I don’t believe he was ever anything this article tries to make Mr Ward out to be..

    • conmary

      Just another fake feel-good story for the school.

  • Cipher’s Solution

    From the article (Ward describing himself):

    “….The minute I got to DePaul, I was in a predominantly white class, where I was the only black student. I automatically felt I wasn’t smart enough to be here.””

    Well, at least you, Ward, have good observational powers and the ability to come to a correct conclusion.

    I have a message for you, young Mr. Edward Ward. You do realize that the reason you have an inferiority complex is because you’re inferior, right? You DO realize that fact, right?

    I’m writing directly to you, Ward, to tell you that your behavior at the Milo Yiannopoulos speaking event was absolutely unacceptable. You assaulted a peaceful and free-speaking individual, and you threatened him for no reason other than you are a thug-like turd of a man; a man who lacks the civility and maturity that is necessary to participate in adult, civic events.

    So, young black dude, get lost for the duration, and go find yourself a job — NOT a position at the government gravy trough kind of job, either. No, a REAL JOB, where you channel your aggression and energy into providing a service or product that consumers can use. Otherwise, you’re just a useless piece of human excrement, and not worth the air you breathe. As *hat….


  • Chris

    Why do schools allow racists like this to have a voice on campus? They should be expelled. Racism should have no place in the United States.

    • Scott Lance

      The school created him. He was a homeless black guy before.

  • Pro Seal Clubber

    The dems are gonna run this guy for the senate now.

  • KilleryClitlickTrollSupervisor

    I’m sure AG Lynch will be bringing up a Hate Crime charges against this person for threatening a member of the LGBT community.

    • MarvLS1

      LGBT doesn’t allow non-liberals. If you’re gay, but republican – they don’t want you. It’s just like all the “civil rights” groups – you have to be leftist or you don’t count.

      • Steve Bartnes

        Black trumps gay

  • Evil Liberal

    So a so called preacher uses the tactics of fascist thugs to silence someone? Make no mistake thats what they are. Violence and intimidation are not going to work on everyone.

  • Dom

    When did ministers begin threatening people with physical violence?
    Where in the bible does it say that threatening a person simply for speaking was doing gods will?
    Where in the constitution does it say you can shut down free speech simply because you disagree.
    Edward Ward is a disgrace.

    • Mark

      You have to establish yourself as a black minster, civil rights activist, community organizer until you can sell out your own community by taking laundered money from the Democrat party.

      It’s all in the playbook. Ask Al Sharpton or Obama.

  • Jay Steremy

    Edward award only thinks rights and freedom should apply to those who agree with him. “Black lives matter?” Mr Ward, you don’t matter.

  • turn out the lights

    DePaul tuition is not cheap. How did he graduate without money? Did he get a free ride reserved for “people of color” Affirmative Action Students grants and scholarships.

    How did he become a minister? Was that study above and beyond his Political Science degree. What Church ordained him?

    Another alleged Black Leader emerges in Chicago with his desire to “agitate” the man.

    Not the Chicago Democratic Political Machine, but the invisible man that he thinks keeps him down.

    How in the world are we going to have racial healing with men like him being indoctrinated every day in Chicago and other cities with substantial people of color populations?

  • ObiWanKenobi

    “A lot of negative aspects of black men, very rarely do you find positive. I created M.O.V.E. to show that we are going to fight for our people. We’re saying we don’t want a seat at your table anymore. We’re building our own.”
    Stunned he has a college degree after reading his quotes. This quote is perhaps the most naked, honest, racist of this story. DePaul is pathetic.

  • Jack Lemon

    This thug needs to be expelled. He rushed the stage like a crazed beast and attacked a peaceful speaker threatening to hit him. It will be interesting if black privilege saves this nut from facing the consequences that a white student would, automatic expulsion and an assault charge.

  • Michael B

    “I didn’t grow up with a father”

    You don’t say? That doesn’t show from your actions at all.

    Black men need to raise their children instead of abandoning them. The single parent rate of black children is sky high.

    • A Guy In Texas

      Black MEN do, unfortunately there is an overabundance of black BOYS whipping it out and reproducing, and black GIRLS to desperate for any man to “love” them, that they let it happen.

    • MarvLS1

      This was planned by the Left. Back in the late 50s they decided that instead of Jim Crow type laws they would destroy Blacks by breaking up the Black family.

      How did they do it? Simple, promote single parenthood by only allowing welfare if the girl does NOT marry the father of her children. This creates generational poverty and dependence upon the welfare state as run by the same liberals who created it.

      It was all part of the plan – and the resultant violence and crime? That’s even better because it justifies a police state – something leftists love.

  • Spasmolytic

    Edward Ward is an intolerant liberal who can’t handle difference of opinion. This is why he stormed the stage at a Milo Yiannopoulos speaking event.

    • Infowarrior415

      Good thing those curtains aren’t dark or he’d vanish!

    • Mamakin

      I think his career will consist of saying “would you like fries with that?”

  • Benjamin Garrison

    If he’s such an upstanding individual, why did he threaten violence to a homosexual man? He seems very homophobic and bigoted. Not cut out for public office!

  • milliamp

    So his father abandoned him, and when his mother had medical issues and couldn’t make rent his college professor agreed to house him and his family? It sounds like his struggles are mostly the fault of his absentee father, he got a massive break most of us would never see, and now he blames white people and not his black absentee father for his struggle in life?

    The rest of society carried him while his father abandoned him and he comes out hating white people for it?

  • Infowarrior415

    F state office. He’d be a better fit in state prison with all his cousins and brothers. Heck, he might even meet his dad for the first time! Hahahahahaha!!!

  • Joe Johnson

    Fuck this piece of shit

  • Joe Johnson

    Unfortunately, the republicans at Milo’s conference were too soft.

    Should’ve thrown this animal off the stage since the worthless security and the DePaul campus clearly allowed this monkey to go wild.

  • popehentai

    Its sad to see a man who should command respect acting like, and associating with, buffoons. after all this praise, hes proven himself to be nothing but an intolerant thug, more than happy to dismiss the experiences of others to push agendas.

  • AndYouWillDeal

    This filthy Dindu threats to beat up people because of their opinion and expects people to have sympathy for his struggles, ha! Obviously a mentally and emotionally unstable chimp

  • Joe Johnson

    Kind’ve pathetic that they let a low IQ affirmative action monkey like Ed Ward shut down the whole conference. That dude clearly isn’t college material. He probably couldn’t even do basic algebra or addition.

    Maybe one day they will learn to be more aggressive since we all know the worthless security won’t do shit about it. The security was obviously told by the President of DePaul to stand down so that the conference would be disrupted.

    That dumb blond broad from the college Republicans should’ve let the crowd storm the stage instead of yapping about “everyone getting arrested”. She only made the 100s of young Milo supporters docile in the face of this assault.

    Bad show on this one.

  • Hospital Worker

    Spoiled little thug needs some time in jail with the rest of his homies

  • Ward still does not know what it is like to be a man…

  • peasantplucker

    Black Lives Moron.

  • James Russell

    “When you look at me the first thing that comes to mind is possible criminal,” Ward said.

    Where in the world would people get that idea, Edward?

    • MarvLS1

      Even Jesse Jackson admitted that he’d feel safer walking through a White neighborhood. It’s not about the race – it’s about the behavior.

      If the most crime-ridden and dangerous areas of town were those areas where all the red-headed Scottish people lived, people would naturally be a little apprehensive whenever they saw a red-headed Scottish person….

  • Scott Lance

    Suicidal depression over his girlfriend leaving him . Well hey, at least he didn’t go all OJ on her!

  • Red Fred

    Relishing the return to the rule of law, the arrest of those who threaten others and attempt to silence speech. (And bring along dancing girls who claim to be scholars.)

  • Mark

    A racist Marxist with grandiose dreams of being a “civil rights” leader by silence the freedoms and rights of others.

  • D Wyatt Gib

    Just another race hustler and wanna be gangster, which his actions at the DePaul event for Milo Yiannopoulos showed clearly. He should never be allowed on their college campus again. I’m sure he broke many of their Rules of Conduct, that every campus has. Threatening a guest speaker on the campus, trespassing at an event he didn’t pay for (it’s trespassing as soon as you are asked to leave,and don’t, by those in charge). This guy didn’t learn a thing in college. Probably everyone fell for his sob story and passed him along. I’d be curious what his GPA and what classes he actually took and passed.

  • A Guy In Texas

    Funny how there were ZERO comments on this article which is 3 month old, until he acts so stereotypical to his genetic phenotype, then BAM, comments are rolling in. What an impact he has had at DePaul.

  • Mahoganythunder

    Why is this homophobe being celebrated by your paper? His blatantly homophobic and xenophobic attempts to prevent gay foreigners from speaking is disgusting.

  • Gavan O’Sullivan

    Some men distinguish themselves by working their way out of poverty or difficult circumstance. They can be from any race – they find their way against all odds and display wisdom and generousity. Edward Ward is not one of those men.

  • mdsman

    This is the violent little thuglet that is against allowing others to speak
    He should be charged and expelled for what he did.
    where are the screams for the “Safe Spaces”

    Oh, and by the way, allowing this will impact all DePaul students.

    Sadly, you students have allowed your school to become
    a joke and an embarrassment.

    Whilst it is unfair to paint all because of the absurdity and stupidity of a
    few, that is just a reality of life.

    Until such time that the mature and rational students stand up and demand that
    this nonsense be curtailed, I can guarantee you that I, nor any of my peers at
    the senior levels of corporations, will entertain CV’s from DePaul graduates.

    Unfair? Yes. But, that is the price you pay for your complacency, which is in
    fact, passive support.

    Enjoy your “Safe Spaces” as I doubt that many of you will enjoy
    “Safe Jobs”

  • medbob

    Some leader. Threatening violence against a well known dangerous faggot.
    Sounds like a common street thug to me!!!! What does the President’s office intend to do???

  • A person who is constantly faultfinding, complaining, and or making demands is a……..?

  • bill smith

    What a fascist, bully, thug, hitler clone little coward.

  • Synical

    Oh look another “black pride” BLM “activist”…. surrounds himself with other black people and sees himself as a sort of messiah. What a loser.

  • rbat

    So thugs in DePaul U now have the upper hand and can force anyone from speaking that they disagree with?? Universities are now becoming the training ground for fascists. Take America back!!

  • lvdancer

    If I had kids at DePaul, I would pull them out pronto. The above article bears no resemblance to the thug that threatened Milo.

    Kid, it’s time you cracked open that Bible and listened to everything Jesus said and taught. This is the way, the truth and the life. It’s time to “walk ye in it.”

    This might be hard for you to grasp, but only very few whites have had actual White Privilege. Countless numbers of us had hard lives and have overcome it to go on to be productive, happy people. Many of us have experienced exactly what you did.

    Life is a decision. Looks like you have chosen the dark side. Grow up, get over yourself and truly make something of yourself. It’s what we all have to do. Hate won’t cut it.

  • Ike Broflovski

    He likes to put his hand to his chin as if he’s an intellectual. Idiot!

  • S-800 Hunter/Killer

    Another race-hustling scam artist, following in the footsteps of the Race-Hustler-in-Chief.

  • GoldenBear82

    Maybe he is a “man of faith”, but as Jesus taught us, we will “know them by the fruit they produce”, I see NO good fruit being produced by this guy in leading such a protest and his group of protesters. Such activities look like “bad fruit” to me, and Jesus also said “No good tree produces bad fruit, and no bad tree produces good fruit.”

  • Sleuth

    From homeless to racist, race-baiter eyes state office

  • kayerob

    Is he speaking anywhere soon?

  • Christopher Jorge

    I’ve never seen a pastor drop so many F-bombs!

  • Nice guy who threatens physical violence to a speaker because he disagrees with his views. This isn’t called a protester, it’s called a Terrorist, though it used to be called a Thug.

  • MarvLS1

    This guy is a race-mongering fascist thug.

  • Animals over humans any day

    What a pathetic, little, phony, this racist-assclown is…. the most vomit inducing quality that all liberals seem to possess – hypocrisy. They all claim to be for “social justice” but are the first ones to try an silence anyone with views contrary to theirs. They also take their opposition to extremes when they aren’t getting their way. It is time to realize that political parties shift, and the Democratic party has turned into a cesspool of low-life, leeching, whining, corrupt, thieving, anti-American, scum. Ward – you are a pile of fecal matter….

  • Ryan Louis Bouck

    Jail time is a prerequisite for politics in Illinois so he’s well on his way!

  • Typical

    Typical lowlife. This is why no one cares about BLM, you have pieces of crap like this representing them.

  • GlobalConflictWatch

    Edward Ward is a pathetic communist-fascist agitator. He is a DISGRACE to DePaul. His VIOLATION of FREEDOM OF SPEECH is in the ongoing tradition of moronic, anti-democratic activists. He is a DISGRACE to all blacks who want to succeed by RESPECTING the rule of law and democracy.

  • John M. King

    The only good thing is the way people are getting shot in Chicago he’ll get his soon

  • Mamakin

    The breakup with the girlfriend caused a suicidal depression. too bad he didn’t finish the job.