• Hi everyone!

    Just a few comments on the letter from Karen Tamburo/Depaul Title IX Coordinator

    There has to be a better process for students to independently submit sexual assault reports. I believe keeping that aspect within the campus makes them vulnerable to outside investigations for several reasons. It’s important to keep in mind – it’s not just about a rape on campus. It’s reporting a student witnessing events or students on campus experiencing sexual harassment or harassment after the assault or an event off campus.

    It’s more than a reporting process issue
    Campuses are in denial and don’t (won’t) realize the data allows aggregated information to show trends on campus. Using this information shapes policies and targets resources properly.

    About the FERPA comments
    It’s interesting how students that submit reports to campus, the data becomes restricted and can’t be shared – even to law enforcement. However, if that same student self reports independently, it breaks FERPA/HIPAA. Technology driven reporting solutions should allow the students complete anonymity (if they like) and they alone should have the capability to escalate the report to law enforcement.

    Overall, I’m sure the staff do the best they can. In the case of this letter, I don’t think Depaul really understands what’s happening.

    Survey data shows student’s want an independent solution for reporting sexual assaults on campus and campuses don’t. It’s that simple.

    Thanks for reading
    Luke Roopra