• Me

    Even though I will not attend the Milo Yiannopoulos event, I will require a therapy dog to help me repair my deep emotional wounds. In fact, I require a therapy dog right now to proleptically repair my wounds before those wounds have been formed. Bring my canine friend to me.

  • Tehy

    ‘Tuesday’s Canines on Campus event, organized by DePaul Activities Board, attracted a slew of stressed students looking for a cuddly, calming moment with a dog.’

    look, i understand from the article that these are helpful for people who have gone through real trauma, but what trauma occurred here? they had to consider opinions different than theirs? couldn’t 15 minutes with a nice television show or your favorite album fix that just as well?

    it just reinforces my theory, that this is entirely performative. See, Milo has been decided to be evil by the progressive Powers That Be, and of course the most virtuous people are those who cannot abide evil in their presence. So by acting like they are so stressed out they need a therapy dog, these students are trying to show how progressive and cool they are – it’s pathetic.

  • dvrmte

    So babies attend university now? Disgusting.