• RU_Serious

    Did anyone ask him about the culture of abuse by guards at his jail or how whistleblowers are punished?

  • John

    Why does it take hours for comments to be posted, today?

  • ThrowDaBombOhio

    Why wasn’t BLM protesting his speech? Could it be that DePauls president likes getting very expensive freebies from Chicago Democrats? Hey, a new gym isn’t cheap!

    • Jack McNeil

      He runs a jail. He faces slashes to social service budgets all the time. Not in charge of budgets. He’s also actively trying to reform a broken criminal justice system.

      • ThrowDaBombOhio

        But it was okay for BLM to protest Milo Yiannopoulos meeting with conservative students with impunity? The only part of the criminal justice system that is broken is that convicted criminals are not being made to serve their full sentence. There is a lack of punishment to deter criminals.