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The fight for ownership: NBA team owner speculation

The fight for ownership: NBA team owner speculation

Colin Sallee

May 19, 2014

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634,000,000. A gaudy number — one that evokes judgment from sports fans and citizens alike. This number, however, is incredibly significant to any avid NBA fan — seeing that it is the average worth of a franchise in 2014. This amount may not have intrigued a common citizen, not until 3 weeks...

DePaul basketball: Cleveland Melvin’s departure means the time for change is now

David Webber

February 17, 2014

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Enough is enough. This is agonizing. This is comical. This is embarrassing. Rip it up, tear it down, and start over from the beginning. There's no other way. Cleveland Melvin's mysterious and untimely departure from DePaul University is the last straw in a long list of mistakes concerning the athletic...

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