Kuma’s Too comes to Lakeview

Kuma’s Corner is a Chicago staple. This heavy metal bar has been serving up mouthwatering burgers and loud tunes since 2005, and recently opened up a new location in Lincoln Park. 666 Diversey Ave. is the new location of Kuma’s Too, a slightly larger restaurant, with a slightly smaller menu. While you can’t enjoy all of your old favorites, there are still enough of them to please even the most die-hard fan.

Upon first entering Kuma’s Too, I was shocked at how brightly lit the restaurant was, in addition to the out-of-place bright orange walls. It in no way represented the original Kuma’s Corner, and was in its own way disappointing. That’s what made part of Kuma’s Corner so great. The dark atmosphere made the experience authentic. Kuma’s Too surprisingly lacked heavy metal d?