Days of Terror: “The Descent”


By day seven, this challenge is really starting to drag. It’s tough having to watch a movie every single day, on top of classes homework and everything else I am doing at The DePaulia. Thankfully, I have never seen “The Descent,” and I’ve actually never even heard of it. The complete lack of knowledge I had about this film gave me something to look forward to, as every moment of it was a surprise.

Where I watched: Dailymotion

Length: 99 minutes

Prior knowledge of the film: Absolutely nothing, I put this film on my list from a recommendation.


This film was refreshing in a number of ways. It was the first film on my list that I’ve never seen before, let alone heard of. While watching a movie a day sounds fun, it gets tiring and repetitive, making it helpful that “The Descent” is such a unique film. Also, horror movies so rarely focus only on female characters — especially physically strong and tough female characters. Of course the film follows conventional horror movie structures, but the quirks throughout the film make it really refreshing to watch.

Was it actually scary?

A big part of the horror in this film comes from the quickness of the action throughout the film. Within the first five minutes, I was waiting for something bad to happen to Sarah and her family just because of how rude her husband was being to her, when out of nowhere they get into a car crash and her husband and daughter are both impaled by metal poles. In the first five minutes.

The film then moves on a year later and the action doesn’t slow down. Everything that’s supposed to scare you in the film comes so suddenly that it’s impossible not to be scared by it. There’s no suspense to gain your courage, it’s quick action that left me continuously turning down the volume on my computer because I was so freaked out waiting for the next terrifying thing to happen.

Overall consensus

I really enjoyed watching this. “The Descent” won’t be my favorite movie, but if I come back to it in the future I’ll know it was a good one that I’m returning to. I loved the creativity that was used to create this film, and I loved being scared so suddenly — it kept the film fun and exciting.