Days of Terror: “Halloween”


The quintessential slasher film, “Halloween” originated the slasher subgenre and introduced Jamie Lee Curtis into all of our hearts. Although it’s not the greatest horror film, “Halloween” is one of the best slasher films with the maniacal and never-dying killer Michael Myers, and inspired a slew of pathetic imitators.

Where I watched: Youtube

Length: 91 minutes

Prior knowledge of the film: I’ve probably seen this one before, but I have definitely seen the Rob Zombie remake numerous times.

Star power

Wow, this movie featured some stars-to be. “Halloween” famously served as Jamie Lee Curtis’ film debut, and while I feel like that’s huge, I can’t really name anything she’s been in beyond the 1978 horror class, “Freaky Friday,” “Scream Queens” and some yogurt commercials. But, the film also features one of the earliest performances from Kyle Richards, as Lindsey Wallace, one of the kids being babysat. Who is Kyle Richards you may ask? Only the star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and the aunt of Paris Hilton, meaning she was featured on one of my favorite TV shows of all time, “The Simple Life.” Even beyond the pure star power of this film, it’s a gem.

Was it actually scary?

Slasher movies are arguably the scariest of the whole genre (besides “The Shining” — that’s the scariest movie forever), so of course “Halloween” is terrifying. Michael Myers is ruthless in his killing, and almost entirely indestructible, and every time I watch the movie I can’t go outside at night for a few days (okay, weeks).

This movie wouldn’t be nearly as scary without its horrifying soundtrack, though. The score, written by John Carpenter, is terrifying. I can’t listen to it without thinking that I’m about to be murdered at any second.

Overall consensus

“Halloween” was really conflicting for me on whether I liked it or not. On one hand, it’s a classic. This film established the slasher genre, which has spawned hundreds, if not thousands of films imitating it. But, at the same time, it’s so stupid. All I could think of while watching this film was of the numerous questions floating through my mind. How does Michael have this superhuman strength? Why is he so angry? How does Laurie not know any of her past, especially when she lives in the same town where her brother killed her sister? I think, overall, I liked it, but not because of the plot or acting by any of the side characters (Jamie Lee was perfect). I liked this movie because it’s a classic.