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Pretty Evil: “Pumpkin Patch”

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

I guess those suffering with Black Hairy Tongue disease will not have a cure in sight with Chanel’s pumpkin patch ruined in FOX’s latest episode of “Scream Queens,” “Pumpkin Patch.” The episode managed to give audiences a bit more information; however showrunner Ryan Murphy doesn’t disappoint by giving viewers even more questions.

Last week left viewers with the one Scream Queen, Zayday, kidnapped by the Red Devil. Grace and Pete are still persisting that a search group goes out to find her. Dean Munsch ever so calmly shuts down the campus, giving out a curfew to cancel Halloween.

Zayday wakes on a deep red cushion in a darkened room. Suddenly a trapdoor high above her opens and she discovers she is trapped in a basement hundreds of feet underground. The Red Devil appears, holding a small white fluffy dog a la “Silence of the Lambs.”

Back at the Kappa house, imaginary lunch is being served. Chanel #3 finally speaks up in a little more than a monotone hum, declaring herself next in charge with Chanel in jail. Grace receives no help from the Kappa sisters in finding Zayday so she turns to her dad. This time the father-daughter standoff takes place not in his wicked scary film classroom but in his bedroom. Wes and Gigi’s salad date must have gone extremely well considering the fumbling going around to the sweet sounds of the ‘90s in his bed when Grace and Pete walk in. After the awkward aftermath of this encounter, Grace and Pete finally gain allies in helping to find Zayday.

After gaining allies in Dean Munsch and Denise, the group tries to figure out their plan of action. During this, the audience hears a major clue. Gigi brings up intricate details about the land around the Shady house. The others brush it off as Gigi being her typical oddball character; however I think this only intensifies Gigi’s part in the murderous spree. Grace remembers that smart phones have a GPS inside of them and they trace Zayday’s phone to her location.

The GPS tracker takes them to a cellar a chatty old lady rents to whom we suspect is the Red Devil. Once inside, the team splits up; Gigi and Denise, Grace, Wes, and Pete. Grace, Wes and Pete come upon what seems like the Red Devil’s lair. In the room there is a long table with wine, flowers and what looks like Oakland nachos. Below on the floor Grace trips over the handle to a trap door. She opens it and we see Zayday’s room completely empty. During this time, Gigi and Denise find what seems like a torture room.

Because nothing is ever simple with the Red Devil, the lights go out. Through night vision goggles of the Red Devil the episode pays more homage to “Silence of the Lambs.” Denise tries to save the day by tasing the suspect; however, she ends up tasing Gigi in the boob. Gigi finally tases the Red Devil and the lights come back on. Denise runs to find Grace, Pete and Wes. She brings them back to the torture room where Gigi claims that the Red Devil hit her across the head with a baseball bat and left through a chute. Again, a truly sketchy claim by Gigi that provokes an awkward stepmother-stepsister bond instead of suspicion. Denise points to the fact that it seems suspicious that Zayday is gone and so is the Red Devil.

Later in the night, during Kappa presidential elections Zayday unexpectedly arrives. Zayday tells the tale of her Red Devil abduction, and claims that the Red Devil released her from the basement and presented her with flowers and a meal of Oakland nachos. Discovering the Red Devil has a crush on her, Zayday uses this to her advantage and escapes by stabbing his hand with a fork. Grace is relieved that Zayday is back while other Chanels seem to be skeptical.

In the final scenes of the episode Gigi is spotted walking in the dark. Following her is the Red Devil. The two meet up and Gigi gives order for another kill. It is now confirmed that Gigi is somehow involved in the Red Devil murders.

Even with the campus curfew, Chanel still intends to open her pumpkin patch at 12:01 on Nov. 1. Chanel #5 is baking in the kitchen, showing us that she decided to stay even though she is being forced to wear a Mary Todd Lincoln costume for Halloween and is furious with Chanel. Hester comes along and swears to be a double agent, persuading #5 to help her overthrow Chanel with the help of the candle crazy pledge, Jennifer. After bribing her with hardly used expensive candles hidden in Chanel’s closet, Jennifer agrees to throw the vote to Zayday.

Later, the primary Chanel is arrested for the murder of Ms. Bean and is stuck in the prison because her father refuses to bail her out. At lunch, Chanel finds Chanel-o-ween fans among her fellow prison mates. Her prison stay is stopped short when Chanel #3 bails her out. Donning her signature killer shades, Chanel swears revenge on Chanel #5, her suspect to who ratted her out.

Feeling down after her stay in the slammer, Chanel begins the Kappa presidential vote before Grace and Zayday arrive. After Chanel opening declares she will swing the vote to win, the voting begins.


I’m predicting that Gigi’s participation in the Red Devil murder stems from a hatred of the Kappa House. Having to take care of the child, Gigi blames Munsch and the Kappas. She plans to take them out one by one. I mean, who actually believed the Red Devil hit her across the head with a baseball bat and got away when there was not even a scratch on her head?

After discovering that the Red Devil has a thing for Zayday and the fact that other Dollar Scholar’s have been involved with the Red Devil (Boone), my new prediction for the person hiding behind the red suit is Earl Grey. We were introduced to his sudden interest in Zayday last episode, but never saw him this episode. If he truly cares for Zayday, wouldn’t he be out helping Grace and Pete find her? Instead he is nowhere to be found, unless right in front of the viewer’s eyes as the Red Devil.

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