SGA: MAP rally, voter registration, course evaluations

SGA: MAP rally, voter registration, course evaluations

Student Government Association’s general body meeting on Thursday, Feb. 11 updated members on MAP advocacy, especially an upcoming demonstration at the Thompson Center.

Guest Speakers

  • Ed Udovic, Office of Mission and Values: Rev. Udovic spoke to SGA as the Senior Executive for University Mission and as the teacher of a course entitled “Life and Times of St. Vincent DePaul.” He said, “DePaul University was founded as an answer to the question ‘what must be done?’” Importantly, he reminded SGA members about the values behind the question: honesty, community, fairness, self-discipline and hard work. These tenants, followed by St. Vincent DePaul, should be remembered when students, faculty, and staff ask and answer his central question.
  • According to Rev. Udovic, and due to his work over the last 20 years, DePaul has “ the largest research collection, art collection, print collection and map collection in the world” relating to St. Vincent DePaul.
  • Udovic took questions from Kristina Pouliot (EVP for Academic Affairs), Ben Bui (Senator for the College of LAS), Zoe Wildasin (Senator for Third Year Students), Bobby Robaina (Senator for Community and Government Relations) and Mandy Cervantes (Senator for Second Year Students).
  • Sarah Baum explained her duties as Director of Student Legal Services. “DePaul is the only Catholic university in the country that offers free legal services to students, and one of just a few private universities,” she said. Baum offers free, confidential legal advice to students and referrals when further legal action is needed. Her office is located in Room 308 of the Student Center.
  • Baum answered questions from Mandy Cervantes (Senator for Second Year Students) and Michael Greene (Senator for College of Digital Media).

President’s Report

  • MAP rally: President Vanessa Cadavillo announced an important MAP demonstration to be held Tuesday, Feb. 16 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Thompson Center (100 W. Randolph St.). SGA helped organize this rally to show Chicago what the MAP Grant means to DePaul University. SB-2043, the bill that would restore college funding, passed in the state House and Senate. It is up to Gov. Rauner to pass or veto it. He has clearly said he plans to veto the bill when it hits his desk on Feb. 16. All DePaul students, faculty and staff are invited.

Vice President’s Report

  • MAP advocacy cards: Vice President Ric Popp reiterated the importance of MAP advocacy postcards that will be sent in support of renewing MAP for the next school year. So far, about 750 cards have been filled out. SGA wants to bring 4,000 cards filled out by students, faculty, and staff to Springfield.

EVP Reports

  • Open course evaluations: EVP for Academic Affairs Kristina Pouliot encouraged SGA members and all students to request open course evaluations in the colleges that do not yet have them: Music, LAS, and Communications.
  • Earth Week and internships: EVP for Operations Adriana Kemper wants to plan organized events to celebrate Earth Week. She also promoted UIP 240 and UIP 241, which are two-credit classes offered by the Career Center.
  • Voter registration and body positivity: EVP for Student Affairs Patrick Pfohl continues to work with students and voter registration. He revealed that SGA will be sponsoring the kick-off event for Body Positive Week, to begin on Feb. 22.

Senator Reports

  • Recyclable building: Senator for Sustainability Sarah Levesque will work with EVP for Operations Adriana Kemper to organize Earth Week events. She shared an interesting fact: the old music building is 98 percent recyclable, so the demolition process includes donating rebar and concrete to be recycled or reused.
  • Catholic vs. Vincentian: Senator for Mission and Values Michael Mulligan wanted SGA members to keep something in mind. “Please separate Catholicism from Vincentianism in your head…you can be a Vincentian and not be Catholic,” he said.