What’s Fresh: ‘The Jungle Book,’ Jay Reatard


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“The Jungle Book”

Walt Disney Studios

April 15

Having already grossed over $125 million, “The Jungle Book” is the most popular film out currently — and for good reason. The film is able to successfully create a space of its own, despite the massive shoes it had to fill not only from the 1967 Disney film, but also the original stories written by Rudyard Kipling that the Disney film is based on. Jon Favreau’s adaptation is able to toe the line between the two predecessors — capturing the whimsy of the Disney film and the danger of Kipling’s series of stories.

One of the most notable aspects of Favreau’s adaptation is the cast he has compiled to voice the characters — most notably Idris Elba as Shere Khan and Bill Murray, who perfectly captures the spirit of Baloo. In addition to the stellar cast, the cinematography features some of the most beautiful images captured in a children’s movie. — Erin Yarnall

Jay Reatard

“Blood Visions”

April 16

Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr., most popularly known as Jay Reatard, was one of the rare few that could balance multiple bands and still have his own unique persona.

“Blood Visions,” one of the most prolific garage rock albums to be released, represents Lindsey’s best musical endeavors — catchy hooks, fuzzy guitar riffs that are threateningly aggressive and a darkly romantic undertone that skews the perception of what it means to be starry-eyed about someone. The reissue just emphasizes what Lindsey encompasses: painfully great garage rock. — Jaycee Rockhold