Super Bowl 2014 preview: Why the Denver Broncos will win

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It is not uncommon for people to compare Peyton Manning to a surgeon. With the 37-year-old quarterback’s ability to carve up a defense, he is certainly surgeon-like.

What has been most impressive about Manning this season, however, is the variety and control he’s had over the Broncos’ offense. The Broncos’ offense broke multiple records throughout the course of season – points scored, yards, touchdowns, and points per game – and all due to Manning’s control.

In this sense, Manning is much more presidential-like than he is a surgeon. For the Broncos to beat the Seahawks, he’ll have to continue to execute perfectly. Vote Manning 2014.

On the surface, Seattle’s main threat to Denver is the Seahawks’ terrific secondary. Richard Sherman, Walter Thurmond, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor are all defensive backs that focus on being physical with the receivers. This is bad news for Denver as some of the Broncos’ receivers – Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker in particular – struggle with getting off the line of scrimmage when jammed.

Yet for the Broncos to win, the true key is Manning being on the same page with his offensive line. In each of the Broncos’ playoff wins, Manning was barely pressured. He has gone the entire postseason without being sacked and the Broncos’ receivers have gotten open.

Manning’s control and orders have made the Broncos practically flawless during this postseason. The Broncos varied the way they attack teams. Instead of pouring on the offense, the Broncos’ drives have been long and stretched out. Against the Patriots, the Broncos scored twice on their longest drives of the season.

The team’s defense has benefited from it and hitting their stride at the right time. Cornerback Champ Bailey’s return to health has patched up a once 25th-ranked pass defense. Also, adjustments made by head coach John Fox and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, such as starting Paris Lennon at middle linebacker instead of Wesley Woodyard, has helped the Broncos’ defense find themselves again.

So many games have been executed perfectly for the Broncos to reach the Super Bowl. On Feb. 2, there’s just one execution they need to finish: the Seahawks.