What’s Fresh: ‘Me Before You,’ The Strokes


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“Me Before You”

Warner Bros. Pictures

June 3

While “Me Before You” may look like the latest Nicholas Sparks tearjerker in the trailers, readers of the hit novel it’s based on and those who see the touching movie know that it has more depth. Part of this depth is the realism of not only the two main characters Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) and Will Traynor (Sam Claflin) — who perfectly captured the whimsy and anger both characters feel from the beloved novel, but also the supporting cast. From Matthew Lewis, who played Patrick, Louisa’s jealous boyfriend who watched as his girlfriend slowly slipped away from him, to Janet McTeer, as Will’s mother who convincingly displayed the heartbreak of dealing with her son as he desperately wants to end his life, all the characters engaged the audience.

Despite dealing with a touchy subject — assisted suicide and disability — the film is able to stay cute, charming and successfully pulls at the heartstrings without pandering too much for an emotional response. “Me Before You” feels like a real story, in a genre where so many films are over-the-top and poorly done. — Erin Yarnall

The Strokes

“Future Present Past”

June 3

The days of reminiscing for the years during which The Strokes released new music are over. With a new EP “Future Present Past” released (which shocked many fans), people can now listen to the best music The Strokes have released since “First Impressions Of Earth.” Even though the band has been around for over a decade,The Strokes still know how to keep it fresh, mixing their fuzzy garage rock sound with electronic beats on “OBLIVIUS” and keeping their classic New York indie rock charm on “Threat of Joy.” — Jaycee Rockhold