Electronica edition: Zed’s Dead & The Killabits

Winter break is here, and the weather keeps getting colder and colder. So, this week’s track is something to keep you moving and warm. We’re featuring the new dubstep track from Zed’s Dead and the Killabits, “Bassmentality”.

The combination of the melodic intro, along with the sick drop, is something that Zed’s Dead does in a lot of their tracks.

The addition of the Killabits is distinguished too. The warping sounds are similar to many of their other songs.

The result? A track that you can listen at least a couple times without stopping!

Zed’s Dead is a Toronto-based producer duo, consisting of DC & Hooks, which is how they refer to themselves.

As for the Killabits, they are also from Toronto. Their duo consists of Sam KBz & Biz Davis.

Nonetheless, the combination of the two is amazing! Killabits produce mostly bass music, like Bassnectar, but it connects perfect with Zed’s Dead dubstep style. Zed’s Dead will be playing at the Rave in Milwaukee, so if you want to see them, do not hesitate to buy tickets. Until next time DePaul…


Don’t forget the drop—