No passing craze: RompHim here to stay

A “new” type of clothing has become an internet sensation overnight. Although it is not a  newly released YEEZUS brand clothing, or a release of an overly expensive Urban Outfitter attire, “male rompers” have appeared overnight. With females and children having the option to wear this type of clothing, it was only a matter of time until men became filled with want and need to put on the their own version of the romper.

Created by ACED Designs in this month, ACED has managed to shake the world of fashion and the world in general with the creation of the male romper. With social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook taking the idea and running with it, the proposal of a male romper has blown up over a week’s time.

With overnight focus usually comes positive and negative feedback. For the romper, it is now considered a running gag. With the RompHim being the first of its kind for the male gender, it is easy to see why. Being the laughing stock should not deter anyone from purchasing such clothing.

“To be honest, I just thought it was a meme or something,” freshman Thomas Bulvan said. “I definitely have some friends who I know are going to wear it. And, honestly, they will probably look decent in it.”

Like Bulvan, there are plenty of men out there who are dying to get their hands on a RompHim. On the RompHim’s kickstarter page, the viewer is given a glimpse into the future of clothing for the male gender. In the header is six men rocking the romper as if there is no tomorrow. With the initial goal of $10,000, ACED has managed to 28 times that, with a current total of $283,422 being pledged.

On the page, a collection is showcased from polka dots to solid light blue. The design was also designed with multiple stitched pockets and its very own zip fly. The page reads:

“Is it a romper designed for men? Sure. But it’s also pretty damn comfortable, and it may just be the start of a fashion revolution.”

Yes, a fashion revolution. In terms of the romper being advertised for female buyers, the romper has finally ventured into men’s fashion. And, from the amount of pledges made, it is here to stay.

“I don’t think it is innovative because it already existed. It is more of just ‘breaking down the boundaries’ or something like that,” freshman Alberto Rosado said. “Yeah sure, sometimes I see girl clothes that look like guy clothes, and I’ll be like ‘shit’ when I figure out they’re girl clothes. It has happened a couple of times with sweaters for me. And it definitely does depend on the clothing type, only cause I’m sure I wouldn’t fit into girl clothes.”

Despite the initial memes and jokes surronding RompHim, and the awkwardness that comes with wanting one, masculinity has also been considered and questioned.

“Rompers are now, and can be, considered to be unisex, but it really doesn’t affect me if it’s a man or woman wearing it,” freshman Jacqueline Gomez said. “I personally would walk away if I saw my date wearing a romper. I wouldn’t peep a word to them, I’ll just stare up and down and move on. I’m just not fond of them.”

Whether or not masculinity can be rid of by wearing a male romper is extremely far left field. The fashion world is destined to change. With the need of new styles and new clothing, borrowing and taking other ideas only evolves into something greater. That something greater is the RompHim. After the initial blowback calms down, and the donators receive their promised goods of clothing, the RompHim will slowly become part of everyday wear made for men by men.