(DePaul Student Government Association)
(DePaul Student Government Association)

The SGA candidates want your vote: “DePaul for All” and “We are DePaul” make statements

April 22, 2018


Photo courtesy of DePaul For All

#DePaulForAll: It’s not about the toilet paper – it’s about what the toilet paper represents

The odds are that you have never heard of Student Government. For the past two years, while SGA has worked to put on events for students, it seems to fall short where the students really need it. 91 percent of the money that goes to DePaul comes from tuition – it’s time students had a say where the university spends its money. SGA needs to be an advocate for students’ interests. The mission of our campaign is simple – to address campus safety, advocate for college affordability and ensure complete transparency of SGA.

Campus safety is not a one-point issue. As your next SGA representatives, we want to ensure the guards responsible for our well-being are well-compensated, able to unionize and receive the benefits that they are entitled to. Moreover, we will secure safe, alternative travel options, such as subsidized Ubers for students between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. in order to ensure the safety of our student body. Other student governments across the country have been able to do this – why not DePaul?

If you are like us, you pay more per quarter on textbooks than you do for groceries. If this frustrates you, you are not alone. It’s time DePaul University began incentivizing professors to switch to Open Educational Resources, which are 100 percent free online textbooks. If you prefer paper to digital textbooks, you can still print them out! This will not only save you money, but it is also environmentally conscious.

While SGA has made attempts to better allocate our funding, students have little access to the SGA budget. Our administration will make this budget easily available to view on our website. We will also be holding office hours for any concerned students – there is no issue too small.

So why toilet paper? We see the issue as being a larger, systematic problem where students don’t have a say in the university’s decisions. Many have voiced their disillusionment and frustration with SGA not delivering on noticeable changes for students. While toilet paper is not the most important issue facing students, it’s nonetheless something we can all agree on, and it’s a great first step in changing the relationship between students, SGA and the administration. If we can’t deliver on Charmin Ultra Soft, what can we deliver on?

We will not settle for less. We are the Toilet Paper Party.

Please look at our Facebook and Instagram @DePaulForAll to see our full platform and the specifics behind the implementation of all our initiatives.



#WeAreDePaul: motivated to evoke policy change with tampons, condoms, equity, sustainability and course evaluations

DePaul’s Student Government Association sits on various committees with faculty, staff and administration to voice the student perspective, concerns and opinions. As SGA election season is upon us, a team of student leaders, collectively known as “We Are DePaul,” have joined forces, brainstormed progressive initiatives and are campaigning to be elected into the 2018-19 SGA to make real change to benefit students. While we cannot buy support, we are relying on students to please share our message, hear our ideas and get out to vote.

We Are DePaul consists of Jack Evans and Katy Bozich (President and Vice President), Lucy Norton (Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs), Sydney Jones (EVP of Student Affairs), Sophie Modzelewski (EVP of Operations) and Justin Fernandez (Treasurer). Additionally, We Are DePaul has recently endorsed Gisselle Cervantes, DePaul SGA’s first ever EVP of Equity and Diversity.

Five out of the seven candidates are currently in SGA now and are hoping to continue the progress they have made this year. Promoting change in Student Government roles involves building relationships with the DePaul administration and understanding DePaul’s structure, and We Are DePaul’s prior experience will create a smooth transition.

We Are DePaul has brainstormed initiatives we believe can both reinvent DePaul SGA’s relationship with students as well as evoke great change benefiting campus climate, student needs and the environment.

Jack and Katy hope to increase SGA’s transparency and accessibility to students in collaborating with more on-campus organizations, drafting significantly more resolutions and policies to be sent to administration and to increase communication with the general student body in order to incorporate all student needs and concerns.

Lucy will strive to continue SGA’s work in advocating for open-source textbooks and making course evaluations public.

Sydney hopes to advocate for more healthy dining options on campus, allowing organizations to distribute condoms, advocate for DePaul to fund feminine hygiene products and continue to facilitate dialogue regarding sexual health and relationships.

Sophie has big plans for making DePaul more competitive with Loyola in terms of sustainability. Some of her aims include limiting dependence on plastic bottles and straws, adding more biodegradable products on campus and pushing for a student-run sustainability fund. Additionally, Sophie hopes to make bathroom signage more inclusive of all genders and make DePaul’s campus more accessible for students with disabilities.

As treasurer, Justin hopes to increase communication with DePaul students about SGA’s budget through online tools, so students are able to have an input on how SGA’s benefit should be spent as we are serving YOU!

Gisselle’s position is new, but she has been conversing with many organizations on campus to shape the initiatives she hopes to accomplish next year. She wants to examine how DePaul makes decisions with equity and diversity in mind.

DePaul, it is time to take SGA seriously. We are running to represent YOU. We can do so, so much to improve sustainability, advocate for reproductive justice and push for educational affordability and transparency through university policy change.

In order for We Are DePaul to be successful in advocating and implementing our initiatives in the upcoming school year, we need students to vote at votesga.depaul.edu!

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