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If you’re a fan of hip-hop you probably know that new music has been dropping all over the place recently. From a previously unannounced album from J. Cole to Cardi B’s debut, life is good for hip-hop fans these days. The best part is that regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of these artists or their new music, you still have plenty to talk about. To me, hip-hop is a genre that seems to constantly build on the hits of its past, making each new musical installment all the better for its self-awareness. As such, I have pinpointed four of my favorite new releases to ease you into this land of new music.

“I Do (feat. SZA)” – Cardi B

Regardless of your feelings about Cardi B personally, her prowess as an artist is proven on her debut album “Invasion of Privacy.” Throughout the album she proudly recounts her rise to the top from stripping just so she could make ends meet to breaking Beyonce’s record for most songs simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100. This year, Cardi B was seemingly always in the spotlight after the release of her single “Bodak Yellow.” In the album’s closer “I Do,” Cardi calls on SZA to assist with vocals and in doing so creates the album’s standout song. This is an easy listen as Cardi B and SZA relish in their achievements and humble-brag about their success.




“ATM” – J. Cole

Once again, Jermaine Lamarr Cole has released an album, “KOD,” that is destined to polarize the hip-hop community just like his 2016 album “4 Your Eyez Only.” This time, Cole tackles the issue of drugs with no clear angle or opinion, leaving the listener wondering where exactly he stands on today’s drug culture. On “ATM,” Cole reflects on his complicated relationship with money, his current state of fame and what exactly it all means for him. Predictably, Cole has produced another incredibly introspective collection of work that requires multiple listens to fully appreciate. Rest assured, people are going to have a lot of opinions about “KOD.” Make sure you have yours.



“Basement”- Russ


Atlanta-based artist Russ Diemon has been slowly climbing up the ladder of success for nearly a decade, and with a recent Coachella performance under his belt he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. In addition to releasing an immense amount of high-quality music throughout his career, the fact that Russ writes, records, produces and controls every other aspect of his music’s creation further demonstrates his talent as an artist. Russ and Jessie Reyez team up on “Basement” to tell the story of love and the intricacies of genuine connection. This song sounds like an homage to old-school Russ despite his newfound mainstream success.

“Chun Li”- Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj triumphantly returned from a four-month social media hiatus with the release of two new singles last week. Despite the fact that she has been wrapped up in some controversies recently, Minaj breaks through the clutter with the single “Chun-Li,” the title of which derives from the first female character in the video game series “Street Fighter.” Minaj makes repeated comparisons to the character in the lyrics, recounting her standing as one of the first female artists to dominate the rap game, and her continued domination in the face of her rivals.