Think Pink

For many men, pink has become a wardrobe staple

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Think Pink

Graphics by Ally Zacek | The DePaulia

Graphics by Ally Zacek | The DePaulia

Graphics by Ally Zacek | The DePaulia

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Are you trying to switch up your sense of fashion? Trying to make your wardrobe exude confidence? Try the color pink.

To think that pink is solely for girls is clearly outdated, according to this spring and summer’s latest trends. e color pink on men used to signify strength and vigor, but somewhere down the line this vibrant color became emasculated. Pink became looked upon as a feminine color. But 2018 fashion will turn heads as trends are changing. Pink is making a comeback on men, and they aren’t afraid to show it.

One of Chicago’s most sought-out fashion consultants, Mark Gill, agrees that pink is certainly drawing attention. Gill and his friend and business partner, Tina Kourasis, created the boutique shop VMR Chicago – which stands for Vintage, Modern, Resale – at 49 E. Oak St. Gill has become a well-known stylist with high- profile clients. His advice for women and men on fashion has made him the “go-to man” in changing the wardrobes of women across the country.

VMR stocks a mix of vintage and current items. When you walk into VMR, you will immediately notice its chic look with portable store racks that are based on a Danish design. ere are private tting areas where stylists and fitters work one- on-one with clients.

Gill’s successful journey in the fashion world has been a long but rewarding. With a degree in accounting and minor in opera studies from Webster University, he first developed an interest in fashion while he was working at Banana Republic. Gill spoke of an incident where a customer came in arguing about her life, her lifestyle and her closet. She nally asked Gill if he could help with her wardrobe; it.was the moment where fashion consulting became a part of Mark Gill’s life.

Gill wears pink himself and loves to create the best looking color combinations, like pink with gray or white. He also suggests that pink and red out ts are making quite the fashion statement this year.

“If you are a man of strength, then, yeah, pink is beautiful,” said Gill. “For me, it’s strong, it’s so , it’s soothing. It li s you up. I mean it’s a complement to anything. You can put pink with anything: denim, navy, red. I love pink and red together. It’s gorgeous.”

Gill loves to mix things up; mixing and matching out ts comes easy to him.

Gill’s style is one of handsome, stylish elegance. As Gill puts it, ideas literally drop in his mind when he sees clothes. And extravagance is very much a part of that.

In order to understand why pink is trending, one has to understand color forecasting. That’s the process in which individuals or teams attempt to accurately forecast the colors of fabrics, garments and accessories that consumers will want to purchase in the near future; it is a fundamental part of trend prediction.

“Color forecasting actually derives from the manufacturers in Italy. They choose the colors. They choose what’s prominent for the season. Not the designers,” said Gill.

Pink is one of those prominent colors for the season, which rings true as the color is associated with spring.

“It’s a very important color. Pink is sexy. It’s also the way you wear it. It’s about how

you wear it and what you pair it with,” said Gill.

A man who wears pink catches the eye of many. It defines a man in such a way that he looks more con dent and comfortable with himself. In a sense, pink can be a masculine color. Although the color pink means unconditional love and nurturing, according to empower-yourself-with-, it is also a strong color that exhibits courage. It is additionally associated with charm and politeness.

“Number one: a man who wears pink is comfortable in his skin. I know so many males that actually like the color pink. If a gentleman is wearing pink, he is bold and assertive. For me, it’s taking the place of white. It’s an alternative for a white shirt. It’s easier to pair and it’s neutral,” said Gill.

Being a fashion stylist and consultant, Gill is certainly busy. Having to make trips to places like New York City, Miami and Paris, Gill makes sure his wardrobe is always on point.

“Right now I’m preparing my pink looks. Right now in my closet, I have pink, gray and ivory. What I wear depends on what I’m doing and where I’m flying to. My next flight in June, I’m going to France for fashion week and I have my pink, gray and ivory ready,” said Gill.

You might spot a couple confident men wearing pink while strolling down Michigan Avenue this spring. Or you might see some guys on campus wearing pink while walking to your next class. Lots of men are wearing pink this season; it makes them look great and, they know it.

“I don’t think pink is any longer only a girl’s color,” said David Froelich, a Lincoln Park resident. “Men who wear pink are brave. My blazer is pinkish. It’s a pale shade of pink that isn’t too bright for my taste but still, I think it matches well with a lot of shirts in my closet. Either way, bright colors are in and dark is out because it’s spring. Everyone wants to dress with the seasons.”

Isaac Carrasco | The DePaulia
David Froelich walking down the street wearing his pink blazer.

“I agree that pink is definitely something I see around occasionally,” said Jonathan Karr, a DePaul senior. “Men wear pink. Little boys still think pink is for girls. Pink sort of represents power. Football players wear pink in support of breast cancer. ”

No matter how you look at it, pink is coming back as a masculine color. It doesn’t have to be a pink shirt or pink pants; Politicians are even sporting a pink tie on occasion. It represents a man’s strength and confidence.

“Wearing pink says so much about who you are. Not only that, but I love the duality between men and women. You’re like female and male. You’re like really joining the sexes and that’s powerful. That’s why I love it,” said Gill. “You’re not afraid to step in that zone. You’re not afraid of being part of the femininity and that is someone who is super happy with themselves. What it does for you, you actually have more respect for women; it can drive so many ways.”

Wearing pink can say a lot about a man. “After all,” Gill says, “everything you wear helps to tell your story.”

“When you can actually put something on your back, it says something about you. You are literally telling a story about yourself. Everything that you put on, it’s you,” said Gill.

Who knew a color could say so much?