“Game of Thrones”: 5 must-see episodes

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

To watch every episode of Game of Thrones would take 2 days, 15 hours and 30 minutes. That is over 63 hours of one of the most talked-about shows ever. However, many people may be out of the loop come April 14. That is when the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones will air on HBO.

DePaul senior Kevin Lukehart is one of the people out of the loop.

“I feel like I am too far behind to jump into it right now,” he said.

Lukehart also explained his thoughts about the hype of the upcoming season.

“I’m pretty big on Twitter and everyone talks about the show and makes references,” he said. “I don’t feel left out, I just feel annoyed because I don’t know what I’m missing out on.”

Lukehart, like many others across the country, doesn’t know what he is missing out on by not watching Game of Thrones.

DePaul professor Ryan Peters broke down why a show like Game of Thrones is so popular,

“There’s an appetite for stories that transport us to richly detailed, fully-imagined universes,” he said. “For many viewers, the extraordinary visuals and film quality cinematography set the series apart. For me, it comes down to the characters, who feel more real, embodied and complex—protagonists and villains alike—than in many other fantasy series.”

This fantasy world has been built with a budget of $10 million for each episode. However, the story is taken from the book series of the same name authored by George R.R. Martin. What makes this next season so exciting for fans of the book and tv show is the fact that the show has moved past the books.

“This last season of the show will be the first opportunity that many fans have to see a conclusion to a story that they have been following since 1996,” Peters said. The story began in 1996 when the first book was released; however, the show began in 2011.

The buzz around the next season is huge and everyone will want to be up-to-date with the tv show. To catch up now may seem daunting, with most of us not having the time to watch every episode of the show. However, here are five episodes to watch in order to have an understanding of what is happening come April 14.

The final season is bittersweet for fans of the show. People have been following the show for years and can be sad to see the story come to an end. Everyone has something that they can enjoy from this show.

“I like the dragons,” said Charlie Carey, a sophomore at DePaul. Like many other people, Carey is excited to see what will happen when the show comes to an end.

The thing is, no one will know until the final season begins. So if you are one of those people looking to get into the show, sit down and watch these episodes. You too will really like the dragons.



The first episode of the series makes it the perfect starting point for anyone trying to get into the show. Peters said that many people watch this first episode and are hooked right away. This episode introduces the major characters of the series to the viewer. It also introduces the audience to themes and setting in which the story will take place. There are knights and kings, but, there is also magic and White Walkers as well. The story lets the audience know winter is coming.










Season 1 is the only season that made this list twice. That is because there were events that change the direction of the whole show. This episode is no exception. It begins the trend of having huge events happen in episode 9 of seasons. King Joffrey becomes one of the most loathed characters in the show and will have viewers wishing for his demise for seasons to come.



Many shows have one episode that makes people talk the next day. This episode still has people speechless over five years later. You will understand how this show deals with the main characters from this episode more than any other. Also, this show is important for new viewers because of how many characters are affected by the events that happen. It is an important domino that falls that has effects across the fictional world.



Although the first three episodes did not introduce you to the character Ramsay Bolton, you will be able to quickly understand why so many fans of the show hate him. What makes this episode so great is the Battle of the Bastards. Filming it took 25 days and required 500 extras and 70 horses. It will go down as one of the most impressive battle scenes from the series. This is a must watch for a newcomer to get the full-scale action that is involved with this show. Also, Dragons.



The season finale of the most recent season sets up what is to come in the upcoming season. By only watching a few episodes, you can feel lost with some of the dialogue between old friends and enemies. However, this is an episode that shows the diplomatic side of the characters. The episode is a setup, but, it will keep you excited about what is to come. Also, Ice Dragon.


Other episodes if you have time (but not enough to watch them all):