St. Vincent’s DeJamz

It’s Taurus season. Don’t mistake the lack of an exclamation point as boredom, I’m just trying to evoke more chill energy; it’s Taurus season after all. Unlike its predecessor, Tauruses are known for having a more laid-back sensibility and a more practical outlook on life. They’re extremely stubborn, determined, ambitious and enjoy the finer things in life. Famous Tauruses include DePaul alum Joe Keery, Adele, Tina Fey and Cher.

Why Try To Change Me Now – Fiona Apple

Since the music world is celebrating the Fionaissacne, including her gorgeous cover of this Cy Coleman standard was a must. In this song, the narrator reflects on their eccentricities and the assumptions people make about them; however, as the title suggests, they don’t see the need in changing how they are, reflecting a Taurus’ stubborn nature and strong ties to their convictions. 

Lonely Weekend – Kacey Musgraves

Tauruses sometimes are stereotyped as being homebodies, but it’s not that they’re boring – they are simply comfortable enough with themselves to spend a night in. This song, after Musgraves’ masterpiece “Golden Hour,” captures that vibe perfectly, remarking that “it’s all right to be alone sometimes.” The next time you feel FOMO, put this song on and remind yourself that being by yourself isn’t the same as being alone.

Good as Hell – Lizzo

Tauruses are all about self-care, as this hit from Taurus Lizzo will tell you. A high-energy romp, this song disproves stereotypes that Tauruses are low-energy or don’t know how to have fun. This song goes through a standard checklist needed for picking oneself up: visiting with friends, grooming with oneself, and refusing to deal with the same old same old.

Turning Tables – Adele

This underrated gem off Adele’s modern classic “21” represents a Taurus’ strong convictions and ability to know when enough is enough. Tauruses are armed with blunt honesty, which comes through in lyrics “I can’t give you what you think you gave me.” Rather than waiting to see if things will change for the better in a relationship that is making her unhappy, Adele realizes she can’t do it anymore and heads out towards a better horizon. True Taurus behavior. 

7 Rings – Ariana Grande

Remember when I said Tauruses enjoy the finer things in life? This song is that to the 10th degree, with Ariana Grande shoving her life of luxury in everyone’s face. It took awhile for me to warm up to this song, first writing it off as a gaudy celebration of superficiality. It may still be all those things, but it sure is catchy and being rich sure sounds like a hoot! This song best exemplifies the work-hard-play-hard mentality of a Taurus, who love to treat themselves and those around them.