SGA discusses Covid-19 vaccine rollout campaign during first general body meeting of the quarter


Bianca Cseke | The DePaulia

DePaul University Lincoln Park campus.

DePaul’s Student Government Association discussed its efforts to promote the Covid-19 vaccine during the first general body meeting of the quarter Thursday.

Robbie Merkel, SGA’s executive vice president of diversity and equity, said the university is exploring ways for the DePaul community to show that they have received the Covid-19 vaccine. Currently, a Zoom background, badge or a banner are under consideration, according to Merkel. 

In addition, Merkel said there will be a panel consisting of individuals in the medical field familiar with vaccines discussing the Covid-19 vaccine’s efficacy and ways of preventing infection.

As part of its second wave of the vaccine campaign rollout, SGA will focus on the personal stories of individuals that have received the vaccine in an effort to motivate other students to get vaccinated and reduce vaccine hesitancy. 

To gauge interest in the Covid-19 vaccine, DePaul Community Health will send a survey to students asking if they plan on getting vaccinated. SGA voted in favor of signing onto the email effort to help community health encourage students to participate in the survey. 

Revised Mission Statement

SGA’s Senator for Mission and Ministry Jessica Nalupta presented DePaul’s revised mission statement

Last month, DePaul’s Board of Trustees voted to approve the revised mission statement following over 70 dialogues that gave members of the DePaul community an opportunity to get involved in the process, according to an article from DePaul Newsline

A summarizing document titled “Distinguishing Characteristics, Core Values, and Commitments” was provided along with the statement explaining “other values that emerged through the review process,” according to the article. 

President’s Report

In this week’s president’s report, SGA’s President Alyssa Isberto said with the help of DePaul Athletics, club sports are now allowed to use the DePaul logo and the sports name with which they are associated on their equipment and other resources. According to Isberto, they were previously prohibited from doing so.

Isberto added that DePaul’s Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) will hold a Young Voters Event on April 20 at 6 p.m. to discuss the 2020 election and how to keep students civically engaged. 

Vice President’s Report

SGA’s Vice President Watfae Zayed said SGA’s general body meeting will start at 7 p.m. instead of 6 p.m. next week to allow SGA members and other DePaul students the opportunity to attend the university’s Return to Campus Town Hall at 5 p.m.

Advising Report

Courtney James, SGA’s advisor and the director of the Office of Student Involvement, said starting next week, OSI will host a number of on-campus events including bumper cars.

James is also hosting OSI’s Back to Campus Vodcast which provides weekly updates regarding on-campus gatherings. Different guests will also join the podcast every week to discuss these updates. 

James also informed SGA members that leadership applications are currently open.


SGA discussed a proposal to support Muslim students during the month of Ramadan.

SGA is also circulating a petition on its Instagram account to raise awareness about sustainability.