Secret of the Ooze: Mysterious sludge rises from the depths of Seton Hall


Vanessa Ramos

The mysterious sludge had a stench, according to Seton Hall residents. This sludge caused the second floor bathroom to shut down for 8 hours.

A mysterious sludge arose from the second floor bathrooms of Seton Hall on Monday.

Bathrooms were then closed for about 8-10 hours, forcing students to use other floors’ bathrooms as they waited in the meantime. Seton Hall has one communal bathroom per floor.

Student residents discovered the sludge around 11:30 a.m. Monday morning, according to freshman Seton Hall resident Kae Parsons.

“I was actually one of the first people to see the sludge, and our floor has a GroupMe, so that’s how we all found out,” said Vanessa Ramos, another Seton Hall resident.“We did not receive any emails about the bathroom, but people that were in the dorms just told us that they were closed off.”

Students used other floors’ bathrooms while awaiting repairs until about 8 p.m., according to Parsons.

“The bathrooms were closed around an hour later until somewhere around 8 p.m.,” Parsons said. “It took a while because they said there were some pretty major issues and [they] literally had to take the toilets off, but we were never actually informed as to what happened.”

Although the bathroom was closed for less than a day, Ramos said it was still an inconvenience. The sludge had a stench, according to students.

“It is already annoying to have communal bathrooms, so the idea of having to go use another floor was worse,” she said.

Seton residents did not receive any update from DePaul Housing about the situation.

“We also tried to get in contact with them, but they were kinda hard to reach,” Ramos said.

Residents were surprised that people came to repair the bathroom because nobody could get in contact with the housing department.

“The [facilities assistant] on duty did not answer any phone calls, and we were surprised when people who were working on the bathrooms showed up because we couldn’t get a hold of anybody,” Parsons said. “We were not sent an email about the closing of the bathrooms or [given] any updates about it at all.”

Housing did not respond in time for comment. The second floor bathroom was fixed the same day.