Megan Thee Stallion’s latest project a treat for her loyal fan base


Megan Thee Stallion released her latest compilation album, “Something For The Hotties,” on Oct. 29, intending for it to be a special thank you to her fans, or “Hotties.”

The album begins with “Tuned In Freestyle,” a freestyle which highlights how even the rapper’s haters tune in to what she is doing. She refers to them as “secret Hotties,” which I found amusing. She puts it in perspective by saying, “If I were worried about y’all…how y’all [are] worried about me, I’d be [messed] up, too.” The freestyle rides on a fast-paced percussive beat.

“Megan Monday Freestyle” follows up with someone humming as part of the beat. This freestyle features many clever one-liners. She brags about how people have been hooked since “Big ‘Ol Freak,” which was one of her first hits back in 2018. She also takes a shot at the media and crazed fans with a reference to ABC’s hit show “Scandal,” saying: “I must be Olivia Pope with how y’all keep putting me in scandals.”

The next song comes in the form of a short interlude called “Trippy Skit.” The interlude features Juicy J going on about Megan Thee Stallion while smoking weed, which is on-brand for the Memphis rapper.

Another freestyle, titled “Southside Freestyle,” has Megan talking about her Southern roots. In it, the rapper shouts out her mother and grandmother, who both died within a month of one another. She raps, “I’m goin’ hard for my mama, she knew I could do it // I pray every day just to prove it //  I goin’ hard for my granny, she want it, she have it.”

Not only does she shout out her mother and grandmother, she talks about how her career essentially skyrocketed, rapping “Man, I done took off…I’m outta here //

I’m on a ship, outer space, I’m a rocketeer.” She also brags about her success while mentioning the haters that come along with it.

“Outta Town Freestyle” has the Houston rapper serving more punchlines, many of which showcase her confidence. One of my favorite lines out of this freestyle has to be: “They should call me Dr. Miami because I body them.”

“Something For The Hotties” has Megan riding each and every beat effortlessly at the speed of light. Each song and freestyle features the various things that Megan likes to talk about — sexual freedom, self-confidence, her riches and successes and her pimping energy.

One of my favorite songs has to be “All Of It” because it gave me a sense of nostalgia. The song reminded me of the songs of the early 2010s with its simple, smooth and chill vibe. Even though there is plenty of bass, the angelic beat of the song took me back to a time earlier in my life.

“All Of It” discusses how Megan wants to be extremely successful and bask in the fruits of her labor. In the chorus, she says she wants to date a scammer, and she shouts out JT from the City Girls, who had gone to jail due to participating in credit card fraud.

The last entry on the album is a 52-second thank you to Megan’s fans called “To Thee Hotties.” The thank-you note tops off the compilation and it’s a perfect ending, as the fans helped the rapper get to where she’s at now. She appreciates her fans and decided to give back to them with this compilation.

The bass-bumping, smooth-riding album showcases the fiery talent of Megan Thee Stallion. It’s only been three years since “Big Ol’ Freak” and the rapper has already left a huge stamp on the music industry. Her presence in the rap game is a force to be reckoned with, and “Something For The Hotties” only proves that.