The Office Experience brings Scranton to Chicago


Nika Schoonover

The lobby of the Office Experience.

It’s no longer enough to watch a TV show, fans now want to experience it. Located on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, The Office Experience allows fans of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and all its loved employees to experience the sets, props and humor associated with the show’s widespread popularity.

The experience is created by Superfly X and Universal Live Entertainment in consultation with The Office’s U.S. creator Greg Daniels. The experience opened on Oct. 15 and will be open to the public until Jan. 17.

”We are delighted that Superfly X is presenting the world’s largest official interactive fan experience based on the beloved series, The Office,” Michael Silver, president of global business development for Universal Parks and Resorts, said in a press release. “Fans will not only relive memorable episodes from the series but will themselves be able to participate in some of its most iconic moments. The Office is more popular than ever, and we are thrilled that its millions of fans around the world will now be able to live the experience as well as view it on Peacock.”

Superfly X is a global themed entertainment division of Superfly that was founded in 2020. The company previously brought the Friends TV show to life at the same location.

The two-floor experience features 17 rooms with original props and costumes and set experiences that are modeled after the original show.

As many first days begin, The Office Experience kicks off with taking an ID picture and receiving your employee identification card. Before visitors officially enter, they get to take their ID photo and receive their very own employment badge for the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Then, there is an orientation session serving as an introduction to the attraction and the company, complete with theme music from the show — bound to revive memories of binging the famous show for the first time.

After orientation, visitors make their way through the Scranton Business Park, complete with original costumes and set pieces — including the Dundee Awards displayed in a glass case.

Interactive exhibits such as The Office Experience are able to tap into the legacy of the show by invoking the sense of familiarity and kinship that is associated with its viewing experience. Most notably, the characters and the developed love viewers have for them are a key part of invoking those feelings in the interactive experience.

“People love the characters because the characters are flawed,” Jamaal Orr, vice president of marketing at Superfly X, said of the important aspects of the Office Experience. “And I think when it comes to TV, specifically in film, people relate to the flaws of the characters but still able to kind of find like the loving nature, they have those moments where you kind of see the recognized humanity and love between the characters.”

“I think those are really the things that people focus on and what makes them come back episode after episode,” Orr added.

Elements of the characters are strewn throughout the exhibit. Visitors can look around each of the characters’ desks, and even listen to some of their voicemail messages. There are also multiple photo opportunities, including taking a picture of Kevin’s famous spilled chili and Michael Scott’s desk with his famous “World’s Best Boss” mug.

The Office Experience is able to bring the showto life and is a must-see for any fan. The attraction is open until Jan. 17, 2021 with tickets available on their official website.