St. Vincent’s DeJamz


(Graphic by Max Kleiner / The DePaulia)

Since it’s the new year and the first couple of weeks are all about reflection, I thought I would base this DeJamz on time. Normally a bittersweet thought, this year in particular has been more bitter than anything. I tried to find songs that mirrored how I felt DePaul students were expressing without becoming too much of a sob story by adding cheesy favorites. Enjoy my collection of remembering 2021 songs.

Time moves Slowly by BADBADNOTGOOD, Samuel T. Herring

This was one of my top songs in 2021. It portrays the feeling time gives when looking back on the year. Moving past something difficult, reflecting on what you lost, this song perfectly describes it with the turning of a new day.

Ribs by Lorde

I was unsure if I should put this one on here. An anthem from my teen years it feels strange coming back to this. Funny enough the lyrics still resonate with my life now soon turning 22, “it feels so scary getting old.” Still a perfect song to express the weird connection of growing up and the excitement of becoming someone new each year.

Where’d All the time go? by Dr. Dog

For everyone who feels 2021 didn’t go as planned, this is for you. We all thought Covid would be long gone by now and we could go back to our lives. Instead we struggled along with a relative similarity. We went back to in person school feeling the ghost of years before. For me this song rang through when going back to in person classes, somehow trying to pick up where we left off.

Time of Our Lives by Pitbull, Ne-Yo

This song in particular was to cut the deJamz depression level in half with an almost ironic Pitbull comeback. Probably one of my only favorite songs from Mr. Worldwide as he preaches his prior knowledge of past struggles and the importance of moving on. “Been there, done that, but everyday above ground is a good one, remember that.”

Nothing New (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault) by Taylor Swift (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) 

This song is a killer. From Taylor’s recent album we get one from the vault, with Phoebe Bridgers included. After this song came out in November it took social media by storm as every twenty something felt the knife of the lyrics hitting a little too hard on topics only discussed when drunk and alone with friends. “How could a person know everything at 18 and nothing at 22?” Cheers to DePaul’s seniors this year, hopefully we can make it the next two quarters.