St. Vincent’s DeJamz


Pisces season is upon us! Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, this spans from Feb. 19 to March 20. We are known to be split between dream and reality. Our hearts are on our sleeves and we easily get swayed by our emotions. Our ruling sign is Neptune and is the last constellation of the Zodiac.

Most people laugh at me when I say I am a Pisces, but I feel no shame at all. For my Pisces DeJamz, I compiled a mix of famous Pisces artists and songs I love. Enjoy and remember to feel your emotions this season.

Wait a minute – Willow 

Willow’s musical journey from “Whip My Hair” all the way to “Transparent Soul” represents the range of emotions felt by Pisces. Smith explores the blurred lines between reality and dreams in one of her most popular songs, “I left my conscience in the sixth dimension/ left my soul in his vision.”

Fue mejor – Kali Uchis ft. SZA

Both SZA and Uchis are water signs! They may not be Pisces, but this Scorpio and Cancer duo kill it with a remix to Uchi’s “Fue Mejor.” I adore this song more than the original with SZA’s beautiful vocals complimenting Uchis. They point out how love can stay long after someone leaves, something Pisces knows too well. “Hay cosas que se tatúan sin tinta.”

Ivy – Frank Ocean 

Another Scorpio highlight, but it’s fine because it’s Frank Ocean. There is something so unbelievably vulnerable about his music. Emotions are extremely important to Pisces and water signs in general. I chose “Ivy” because it’s honest about love. “I thought that I was dreamin’ when you said you love me.”

Diamonds – Rihanna

If you know me well, you know that I have no choice but to bust out the beginning lyrics of this infamous Rihanna song. Rihanna’s birthday is Feb. 20. Although repetitive, this song is poetic and dreamy. It takes a water sign to compare your love to rocks. “You’re a shooting star I see/ A vision of ecstasy.”

9/11/Mr. Lonely – Tyler, The Creator

Another Pisces! I specifically wanted to shout out to one of my favorite artists. This song doesn’t highlight the more dreamy sign of Pisces, but this is just a fun song overall. “Mirror, mirror on the wall (who)/ The loneliest of them all (me)/ Cupid actin’ stupid/ Do you got another number I could call?”