Rise 4 Abortion Rights holds rally in Loop


Kiersten Riedford

Protestors gathered in front of the DePaul Center on Tuesday to fight for women’s rights. The protestors emphasized their desire for abortion rights through chants and signs.

Rise 4 Abortion Rights Chicago held an emergency rally in light of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade on Tuesday.

The organization started in front of the Loop DePaul Center at State and Jackson. 

DePaul freshman Avery Schoenhals attended the emergency rally in light of the news. 

“I saw the news notification last night and was immediately outraged,” Schoenhals said. “It’s not only outrageous that we’re still having to fight over whether or not women have basic rights, their own bodily autonomy.”

A Supreme Court draft opinion, which does not represent a legal or final decision, was leaked last night. The majority opinion would overturn Roe vs. Wade after 49 years of legal precedent. Freshman Parveen Mundi said this encouraged her to attend the rally. 

“Overturning Roe vs. Wade sets a terrible precedent for civil rights in this country,” Mundi said. “Even though Illinois is one of the states that theoretically wouldn’t be affected, I do believe it’s my responsibility as a citizen to ensure that abortions are available everywhere and for everyone.”

Although it is still a draft, the opinion has the majority Supreme Court opinion of Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. 

This follows after Texas is still pending a complete abortion ban. 

“As someone who identifies as a woman, it’s a lot of anxiety for marginalized communities, especially with so much racial injustice in the health care system and abortion being part of sexual health care,” sophomore Adora Alava said. “We’re moving backwards by the court overturning or planning to overturn this, and we should definitely protect.”

The national Rise 4 Abortion Rights will hold another rally this Thursday at noon. 

Updates to come.