Cubs vs. Sox: Spring training preview 2014

Is this the year the Cubs start to show signs of turning the corner? Probably not, but they’re close. Theo Epstein and his staff have a farm system loaded with talent and the team has the chance to think about the playoffs in 2015.

That being said, 2014 will likely be more of the same for the Cubbies. While the pitching is actually quite a strong point, the issue is a stagnant offense with little to no power, an offense that is frustratingly inconsistent. If Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo can be the stars they’re capable of being, the Cubs might have a shot at 75 wins.

Don’t get hopeful, though. This team is still a long way off from finally finishing on top. The pieces are there for a run in the near future, but the Wrigley faithful will have to endure another cringe-inducing year.

Nothing went right for the White Sox in 2013. It’s a good bet that nothing will go right this year either, but at least the team is making the right moves.

The Sox overhauled their roster, dropping bloated salaries from the books and picking up cheap, young players in the name of developing a top team in the near future. That means there will be growing pains- and likely another year of less than 70 wins.

One of the biggest storylines is the final season for Paul Konerko, a fan favorite and something of a Sox legend. The 37-year old needs 16 home runs to get to 450 for his career. He hit 12 last season, and will most likely be relegated to backup duty. He could be one of the lone bright spots in a season that figures to be very trying.