DeJamz: Pisces edition


Talented, gorgeous and ethereal are a few adjectives that come to mind when one thinks of their Pisces friends. Well, maybe we’re just biased. Whether you love or hate Pisces season, you can’t deny the number of iconic individuals born under this sign. From Simone Biles to Olivia Rodrigo and Bad Bunny, it’s clear that Pisces exemplify creativity, empathy and curiosity, which is exactly what we hope to illustrate through our carefully curated playlist.

“I Know the End” by Phoebe Bridgers – Lilly

Pisces intuition is no joke! While I’m no stranger to bouts of correctly predicting the most useless information, such as my therapist coming down with a head cold or the exact time my dad’s friend would stop by, my wildest brush with intuition came a week or so after I graduated high school. To summarize, I was awarded a scholarship named after a former student who passed away in a car crash. The evening following my brief outing with the student’s mom to learn more about her, I dreamed I was with her at her former place of work and we were laughing together. Nearly three years later and I still remember every detail of the dream. A weird yet comforting experience, if I do say so myself.

“Tearjerker” by Small Forward – Lilly

We’ve all heard the saying that Pisces cry a lot, and I am here to confirm. Maybe I’m just extra sensitive, but I cannot tell you all of the silly little things that usually end up in tears. Some of my personal favorites are Instagram edits, sunrises, my cat sleeping on the bed with me and risotto. 

“Ivy” by Frank Ocean – Nadia

Ocean may be a Scorpio, but, it’s all about water sign solidarity this month. When I first listened to this song, I was just getting over a friendship that ended at the start of high school. Listening to Ocean while riding the bus to school and feeling that everything was going to change uprooted my reality. Yeah, I wasn’t a kid anymore. 

“Telepatia” by Kali Uchis – Nadia

Uchis, a Cancer, is always on my playlist, no matter what the mood or vibe is. When I think of being a Pisces, I always think of dancing on the border between dream and reality. I am endlessly hopeful and thinking of the weirdest things. However, I find my thoughts being disrupted and pulled back into the material world. Anyways, if I am going to classify my vibe, I’d point to this song and this whole album.

“You’ve Got the Love” by Florence and the Machine – Lilly & Nadia 

Wrapping up our Pisces playlist with none other than the queen herself, Florence Welch. I don’t know about you but this album defined our formative years. From working out to doing manual labor around my yard, “Lungs” was on repeat no matter where or what we were doing. Anyways, we can guarantee you we will never grow tired of this upbeat yet elegant melody no matter how many times we hear it.