St. Vincent DeJamz: 2-17-14

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “Ignition Remix” since my first year at DePaul. I guess there is some sort of unspoken rule floating around college campuses that you have to play the song at least once during a party in order for it to be considered a party at all.

While “Ignition Remix” is certainly one of the most esteemed R. Kelly songs, and rightly so, there are a great deal of underrated yet genius songs out there by this R&B prince.

Something about a post- Valentine’s Day R. Kelly playlist seemed so right. Everybody could use a little more R. Kells in their lives, right?

1. “Genius”

2. “Homie Lover Friend”

3. “Thoia Thoing”

4. “I Wish”

5. “Echo”

6. “Pregnant”

7. “Bump n’Grind”

8. “I’m A Flirt (Remix)”

9. “Your Body’s Callin'”

10. “Step in the Name of Love”