St. Vincent DeJamz: 2-10-14

It’s right around that time in Chicago’s winter season where we all walk around looking like extras on “The Walking Dead,” our insides as cold and frozen as Lake Michigan. Who can blame us? Last winter was a breeze since we received hardly any snow at all. The year before that, it was warm by St. Patrick’s Day. But this winter, with its endless snowstorms and brutal wind chills, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Thankfully it’s almost Valentine’s Day. This is our chance to warm our hearts and enjoy the warmth of human touch, even without 70-degree weather. Spend some time with the person or persons you love listening to this oh-so-heartwarming collection of love songs.

1. No Other – Gene Clark

2. Adore You – Miley Cyrus

3. Country Song – Jake Bugg

4. Stuck On The Puzzle – Alex Turner

5. Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

6.Toothpaste Kisses – The Maccabees

7. She’s A Rainbow – The Rolling Stones

8. Everyday Feels Like Sunday – Of Montreal

9. A Teenager in Love – Red Hot Chili Peppers

10. Crazy For You – Best Coast