St. Vincent DeJamz 11-18-13

With finals week upon us, this week’s playlist features songs that’ll help boost your productivity and make those all-nighters go by a little more smoothly.

1. “Gold Coast Hustle” by Pretty Lights – Sometimes you need a song with strong synths and no words to get you in the zone. This funky Pretty Lights track is an energy and concentration booster.

2. “When They Fight, They Fight” by the Generationals – Paying tribute to ’60s feel-good pop, this track is as delightful as the thought of being done with finals! Let the cheery harmonies of this New Orleans duo sprinkle some sugar on your late-night studying.

3. “Double Trouble” by Hogwarts Choir – I personally have yet to try this, but my roommate, DePaul junior Alexa McMahon, holds that the Harry Potter soundtracks are the best tunes for studying. I have to admit that I can see how this track in particular, which is composed by John Williams, could get me motivated to crank out a paper or two.

4. “Noirse – Pional Remix” by Petite Noir – This track is a personal favorite off the recently debuted “Saint Heron,” the brainchild of Solange Knowles, that features a great compilation of R&B wonders. The remix fuses tribal drum beats, lively vocals and dreamy sounds to make for a delectable study tune. Be sure to check out the rest of the album because, R&B fan or not, you’ll be amazed.

5. “Princess of China – Invisible Men Remix” by Coldplay feat. Rihanna – What’s a finals playlist without a little Coldplay? But be warned, this remix features a beat and bass so mesmerizing that they might steal your attention away from your books.

6. “Sometimes Wonder” by Beat Connection – You know when you want an up-tempo electronic indie song that doesn’t have in-your-face or over-the-top vocals? Beat Connection’s “Sometimes Wonder” stands out. Its dazzling melodies and sensible vocals that aren’t too overbearing are sure to get you into a study groove.