Get to know your editors: Amanda Driscoll

Hello! My name is Amanda Driscoll, and I’ll be returning to The DePaulia as the 2013-2014 Assistant Online Editor. I’m a junior Public Relations and Advertising major. I’m also working on a double minor in Journalism and Film Photography!
So I started off at The DePaulia as a Copy Editor, which is a perfect fit considering I’m a grammar nerd and the AP Stylebook is my bible. As for being the Assistant Online Editor this year, things just kind of flowed in that direction – I think the staff can vouch for my obsession with social media.

My hobbies include eating spicy food and drinking copious amounts of coffee – or learning about coffee – anything with coffee, really. I also take a whole lot of photos and nerd out when it comes to different kinds of photography mediums and printing methods. I read books. I attend concerts. I sometimes rock climb and look stupid doing it. 

On a Saturday night you could find me doing a multitude of things! But all of my weekend activities somehow always include cats, bowling, friends and pizza.

My favorite thing about DePaul would have to be the location. I’m a foodie and a sucker for architecture, so Chicago is perfect in those aspects. I feel really lucky being able to study in such an awesome city.

Uh, I would have to say the “Writing for Public Relations” class I took last winter. It kicked my butt, and also lit a fire under my butt for writing and reporting. So, I really owe it all to that class for the passion that I have now.

I love eating avocado toast while watching “It’s Always Sunny.” I’m secretly obsessed with Miyazaki’s films, but I don’t think that’s much of a secret. I’m a Totoro lover and I am proud!

You can’t take me away from my bed. Nap time = best time. This summer I’ve been working, hanging out with my family and friends, reading some Vonnegut… a very suburbia summer.

I can’t wait for the school year to begin because I’m craving Native Foods and Pick Me Up Caf’ÛΩ. I also love the way fall smells. I LOVE HALLOWEEN, AND I LOVE SWEATERS. And I have some pretty cool classes this quarter.