Get to know your editors: Andrew Morrell

Hey! My name is Andrew Morrell. I’m a junior and I’m the Arts and Life editor.

I wanted this position because I love art and life! But really, I love talking to and reading about artists of any field – whether it’s music, film, theater, fashion or anything else – and learning what influences them, what motivates them, and what their art says about them or where they grew up.  I know art in its many forms has done a lot for me, so I also want to give back in a way, and shed light on artists who deserve recognition. As for the life part, besides being a pretty important aspect of art, I know it’s full of good stories to tell.

While not in school or working on the paper, my hobbies are making music with friends or by myself, reading the Internet, and eating more food than I probably should.

Where can you find me on a Saturday night? That’s classified information.

My favorite thing about DePaul is that after only two years of attending, I began to realize that all my friends know each other somehow, and I’m not trying to say I have thousands of friends, but everyone seems genuinely connected to one another.  There is a prevailing atmosphere here of sincere friendliness, I think. Well, that and the brownies at the Student Center.

The best class I’ve taken at DePaul so far is “Philosophy in Film” with Karolin.  I cannot remember how to correctly spell her last name, but she was a phenomenal professor for a very interesting class. It’s actually really fun discussing “The Matrix” as it relates to Descartes.

I love eating everything while regretting nothing.

I’m secretly obsessed with Lil B The BasedGod.  Except it’s completely not a secret because I love Lil B Music and will protect him at all costs.

You can’t take me away from any good performance of anything. I thrive on live music and when I go for long periods of time without seeing a show, I feel lost and confused.  

This summer, I’ve been editing stories for online and working, one job as an intern and one as a paid gym lackey. Other than that, I’ve been trying to stay as not-busy as possible for awhile.

I can’t wait for the school year to begin because this DePaulia thing will kick into high gear and I can read more great stories by fellow students!