Get to know your editors: Courtney Jacquin

Hi! I’m Courtney Jacquin, I’m going to be a senior in the fall, and I’m returning to The DePaulia staff for 2013-2014 as the managing editor.

After spending a year on the staff, I knew I wanted to continue working with the paper, so managing editor was the logical move. I’m really excited to take what I learned last year and put into this year’s staff. Also, I want to call myself Mr. Manager.

My main hobbies right now are “marathoning”: obsessively watching shows on Netflix (right now it’s “The West Wing”) and training for The Chicago Marathon. Honorable mention: checking and crying because my pasty white skin was not meant for this hellish heat. Hobby that’s taken a recent hiatus? Browling.

I’m boring and on most Saturday nights you’ll find me at home, watching something on TV or a movie. When I’m feeling really adventurous, I’ll maybe go out to dinner.

Is it cheesy to say my favorite thing about DePaul is The DePaulia? Probably, but I just really love this newspaper, and joining the staff was the best decision I have made thus far at DePaul.

My favorite class I’ve taken at DePaul so far would have to be a special topics in media studies class that focused on fashion subcultures. I wrote papers on subjects ranging from my personal style, hipsters and bikes, Ru Paul’s Drag Race and more, while getting the chance to watch tons of video clips in class including multiple Beyonce videos. Best. Class. Ever.

I love eating dollar slices of pizza while walking down the street, because you can do that kind of thing when you’re in New York (which I am for the summer).

Last year, I said I’m secretly obsessed with the Kennedy family, “Gossip Girl” and ’90s pop music, so these obsessions are no longer secret. Newly acquired secret addictions this year include Combos (only the cheddar cheese kind, all others are imposters) and the television show “Hannibal” – together.

You can’t take me away from Diet Coke. It’s a sick obsession – I can’t stop.

This summer, I’ve been living the struggle of living in New York while working an unpaid internship. I’m an intern at Time Out New York three days a week, so the other four days I hide from the sun on the futon I sleep on in the living room. When the sun finally starts to set, I go on runs and then I come home and keep watching “The West Wing.”

I can’t wait for this school year to begin because that means I’ll be back in Chicago! I miss the city that’s come to be my home and I can’t wait to start my final year of college. I’m also really excited for this year’s DePaulia! We had a wonderful year last year, and I can’t wait to make this one even better.