St. Vincent’s DeJAMZ 5-6-13

It’s officially May, which means we are in the home stretch before summer! If you’re anything like us, you’re probably finding it hard to focus on school when the sun makes a spontaneous cameo or when your friend tweets “SUMMER BREAK!” So we have gathered up some songs to keep you motivated and help you finish strong.

1. “We Come Running” by Youngblood Hawke – This song oozes sugar-coated energy like a jelly-filled doughnut oozes jam.  Something about the children’s choir, bells and upbeat chorus makes this song something to come running to when you need a boost of positive energy.

2. “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse – Horses?  Lasers?  That’s only the beginning of this six-minute galactic adventure.  If any song deserves to be called an “adventure,” it is surely this one.  Jaw-dropping guitar riffs and an epic solo plus singer Matt Bellamy’s fiery passionate voice, especially noticeable when he sings, “Don’t waste your time, or time will waste you,” make this a stadium-stomper rock song.

3. “Falling – Duke Dumont Remix” by Haim – This take of rising pop group Haim’s original single is the ultimate look-to-the-stars tune.  It’s so dreamy at certain points that you might even think you’re hearing the actual twinkling of stars before it drops into a seductive synth.  

4. “Elephant” by Tame Impala – This song stomps, shakes and even twirls with swagger.  Frontman Kevin Parker dabbles in classic rock sounds on this track, which makes for a foot-stomping beat that is infested with get-up-and-go vibes. 

5. “Pumped Up Kicks – Chrome Canyon Remix” by Foster the People – Chrome Canyon has taken this hit single and injected it with some sort of tranquilizer.  Yet even with its loud synths and meek bass, the track retains the beachy sound of the original.  Think of this song as a chill wave to ride into summer.

6. “Princess of China” by Coldplay & Rihanna – Coldplay and Rihanna prove to be quite an unforgettable collaboration, as they fuse rock and pop together in a beautiful way.  We’re digging the steady drum beat, accompanied by an uncharacteristically breezy sound of bad girl RiRi as she battles it out with Chris Martin.  Looking for the song to keep your fingers moving across your keyboard?  This might be a good start.