Tame Impala grooves into an alternate dimension

Tame Impala’s sold-out show at the Vic Theatre Wednesday night was packed as tightly as a can of sardines.  But the Australian collaboration led by frontman Kevin Parker did not disappoint.

No picture or video captured could truly express the hypnotizing nature of this show.  It was an experience of sights and sounds that bewitched the eyes and ears.

From the moment the eclectic group came on stage, it was as if Parker reached out and grabbed each concertgoer’s hand to take them on a 90-minute journey into this surreal universe that blended ’60s rock, ’70s psychedelia and New Age experimentalism.  Kaleidoscopic patterns and glowing neon cords flashed across the backdrop, as stage lights moved across the color spectrum in a dream-like fashion.

To the crowd’s delight, they opened with “Solitude is Bliss” from their 2010 album “Innerspeaker.” The crowd especially relished the melodies of “Elephant,” “Alter Ego,” and “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.”  Throughout the night, though, hands swayed from side to side and heads bopped back and forth to the pulsating tunes.

Parker’s unique voice reached soaring falsettos and bared striking resemblance to John Lennon ’Ûξ la “Revolver” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” but his supporting band mates were not to be overshadowed.

Perhaps this was what was so amazing about the show, that the supporting musicians were so enthusiastic to perform tracks off Parker’s independently produced “Lonerism.” Nick Allbrook, Jay Watson, Dom Simper and Julien Barbagallo contributed their own improvisational sounds that injected songs with vivid effects.

It was especially hard not to focus on French drummer Barbagallo.  His hair rocked out as hard as he did, swaying back and forth as he beat against the drums to give songs an extra “oomph.”  At one point in the night, Parker actually bowed down to Barbagallo during an insane drum solo.

If you didn’t get a chance to see them on this year’s North American tour, Tame Impala will be playing at a number of music festivals around the country this summer, including Bonnaroo and Coachella.