Fall fashion from the runway

With the start of September comes a whole new fashion season: fall. This is the time of the year to experiment with out-of-the-ordinary looks and open up to different styles.


When talking to other DePaul students about the upcoming season, they seemed to agree. Andrew Hutchinson, a sophomore at DePaul, plans on keeping it classic in a preppy pair of corduroys and feels that printed pants are the next big trend; and judging by recent magazine spreads, he is correct.

As the September issues start coming out, I have picked up on many different trends that are in store for us in a few short weeks. For those of you who may not be avid fashion magazine readers, the September Issue is like the Super Bowl of the magazine world. The trends featured in these magazines need to be dissected and praised.

Throughout this past runway season, one staple that consistently popped up at Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Christopher Kane, and Marc Jacobs, was the use of roses along with the color red. Roses signify elegance and beauty. These power house brands are trying to bring the romantic, baroque side back to fashion, which has taken a back seat to other trends in the past few years.

Lace dresses adorned with embroidered roses were seen at Marc Jacobs and Christopher Kane. While Lanvin forgoes the roses, they did use red to pull together their runway collection. Models garnished in fitted peplum dresses with playful hands sewed onto the waist pranced down the runway, with red fur shrugged over their shoulders. Valentino kept it a bit more classic, showing empire-waisted frocks including scalloped necks. Michael Kors produced a red cape coat like no other that Anna Wintour will definitely be sporting this season.        

Next up is goth. Now, the term “goth” is meant loosely; black lipstick and safety pins not included. Alexander McQueen for instance, was a genius at this style until his saddening death a few years ago. Since then, Sarah Burton has taken over and tamed the once extreme fashion house down a few notches.

This season, intricately patterned dresses with black tulle have shown up, along with wine colored velvet. Cage like heels were seen on the feet of the models, complimenting the black leather gloves on their hands. Mirrored accents were seen in necklaces and rings, also featuring dark stones in tiara form at Oscar De la Renta.

Leather is also in the drivers seat this season. Tops, pants, clutches…you name it. Nicole Miller introduced leather decorated silk oxfords, while Tom Ford kept it simple with gold adorned biker jackets.         

While all of these elements may seem out of reach to the average fashion obsessed person, think again. There are many ways to wind these features into your everyday looks, as well as other trends that have not made as big of an impact.

H&M has classic leather skirts for $39. Embellished oxfords can be found at Urban Outfitters for much less then the other option at Nicole Miller.

No matter what trend you might want to try out, make sure you stay true to your own personal style, and dress to suit your body type. Just because it is a trend, does not mean you have to follow it. Stay fashionable DePaul! 


Click to enlarge each photo.

Look #1: Macy’s goes retro with large pants in herringbone and a patterned top.

Look #2: Marc Jacobs comes out on top with gothic elements and red chunky heels.Oversized patterns are used to offset smaller prints and fur details.

Look #3:  For men; a great plaid blazer over a pop of red adds fun to a classy look with masculine boots at Macy’s.

Look #4: Tommy Hilfiger reinvents preppy with a cute dress, high boots, gloves and a doctors bag.