Bouncing Souls leave the Metro rocking

Can you imagine still being friends with the same people form high school when you’re 40? No? Well, it’s certainly been working for The Bouncing Souls, formed in 1989, are still making music, having a great time, and playing shows – their latest stop in Chicago on July 29.

The New Jersey punk band took the stage of The Metro last Sunday night to an enthusiastic crowd. The stage was packed with seven analog TVs playing video clips of either the band’s music videos or something related to the song – like bits of various ’80s movies during “The Something Special” and “The Freaks, Nerds, and Romantics.”

The set began with “Static” off of their latest release “Comet” and was accompanied with technical difficulties on the Metro’s part. The mic problem was remedied by the end of the song and the band didn’t miss a beat, continuing on to the rest of their set.

The high-tempo nature of The Bouncing Souls’ library leads to a very quick-moving set-in just about five minutes the band already had five songs behind them. The speed of songs like “Here We Go” showed off the impressive abilities of all members of the band, but songs with less speed reminded the crowd of the great voice of Greg Attonito. Their cover of Avoid One Thing’s “Lean On Sheena” brought out more emotion and strength of Attonito.

Playing punk rock post-40 gets a little rough, and that’s beginning to show on Attonito. His presence on stage was pretty mellow compared to the music, and bassist Bryan Kienlen’s energizing performance. Glimmers of a performer not nearing the age of my father came when Attonito jumped into the crowd on “Hopeless Romantic.”

Shout out to openers The Menzingers and lead singer and guitarist Greg Barnett for the most energy ever had in a performance…ever.