Get to know your editors: Dylan McHugh

Hi! My name is Dylan McHugh. I’m a senior and I’m the News Editor.

I wanted to be the News Editor because I bore my friends with political minutia, compulsively double-checking my texting grammar, and listen to National Public Radio while I’m in the shower. I was made for the job.

When I’m not in school, my hobbies include playing guitar, watching baseball, and digging through the thrift store by my apartment.

On a Saturday night you’ll probably find me at band practice, or editing some of the lovely stories for next week’s issue of The DePaulia.

My favorite things about DePaul are the great location and the picturesque campuses.

The best classes I’ve taken so far are the two classes I’ve had with Prof. David Lysik, because he really caused me to reevaluate how religions evolve and how they are treated by society (and vice versa). I’m firmly in the “Undeclared” major in terms of religions, but Lysik taught me to see them in a whole new way.

I love eating fried chicken while watching Breaking Bad (people who watch the show will know exactly why).

I’m (not so) secretly obsessed with San Francisco Giants baseball, modern covers of classic songs (if they’re done right) and so-bad-they’re-good movies (if they’re done wrong).

You can’t take me away from my laptop and my Fender Telecaster, both of which I will defend with my life, or some other equivalent.

This summer I’ve been working for Rupert Murdoch’s iPad publication, The Daily, in New York City. Though I work in the same building as Fox News, I haven’t run into Bill O’Reilly yet, which makes me very disappointed. I’d love to hear what Jon Stewart is like in real life.

I can’t wait for the school year to begin because that will mean it’s September, and September is just two months away from November, and after November everyone will stop speculating about the 2012 elections. Stewart/Colbert 2016!