‘Jersey Shore: The Musical’ is uproarious

Big hair, booze, Jersey accents, and plenty of drama were no shortage at Studio BE’s production of “Jersey Shore: The Musical.”

Based on the pop culture phenomenon, the show follows the lives of (fictional) Jersey fist pumpers Snooki, JWOWW, Pauly D, The Situation, Sammi, Ronni, Vinny, and Angelina as they party their way to fame, stirring up fights and tipping back shots along the way.

Written by the comedy crew 4 Days Late and directed by Jason Lord, the musical is a sidesplitting parody including 15 original songs such as the hilariously adorable “Snookin’ For Love,” JWOWW’s enraged “I’m Gonna Kick Your Ass,” and the crowd favorite, “G.T.L.”

The hour and a half long performance revisits some of the most iconic moments of the first season, but takes on a new direction as the lives of the group are turned upside down, depicting their fictional futures.

Sammi and Ronnie finally find the perfect mates, but are they really happy?

Pauly discovers his Native American heritage, Vinny’s spiritual side awakens and much more, as the cast presents an alternate future.

The show is performed by an exceptional cast of Chicago comedians and actors donning fake lashes, fake tans, and even faker abs to become a close likeness to the original cast, bringing nonstop laughs from the audience with every scene.

Among the cast, actress Anne Schiegel steals the show as Snooki, perfecting the part of “America’s accidental sweetheart” and wowing the crowd with her impressive voice.

Actors Alex Myerchin and Steven Truncale also entertain the crowd as Pauly D and the Situation, playing the ultimate bros with their overly gelled hair, painted-on abs and philosophy on “grenades” at the club.

“Jersey Shore: The Musical” is an uproarious presentation for both fans of the show and non-viewers, entering its second extended season and running from Jan. 13 to March 31 at Studio BE, 3110 N. Sheffield Ave.

Tickets are $22 and the venue is BYOB, so grab a drink and get ready to fist pump.