Get to know your editors: Julian Zeng

Hi! My name is Julian Zeng. I am a grad student and I am the Sports Editor.

I wanted to be the Sports Editor because I’m a lifelong, tortured sports fan and aspiring sports journalist. Makes sense, yes?

When I’m not in school or working on the paper, my hobbies include watching lots of TV, hooping, playing classical piano, reading and n00b-tubing.

On a Saturday night you’ll find me posted up on the couch playing Xbox and not maintaining normal amounts of social activity.

My favorite thing about DePaul is the small, close-knit community you feel with your DePaul peers despite being located in such a huge city like Chicago. And obviously the city itself. It really is a special place.

The best class I’ve taken so far is performance acting for non-majors in my last quarter as an undergrad. It was cathartic to just release all the anxiety and worries I had about graduating and the “real world” and occupy a completely different character. It was the most fun I had in a class since statistics in high school. There were some goofy people in that one.

I love eating pizza while thinking about eating more pizza.

I’m secretly obsessed with Katy Perry….okay, it’s not that secret.

You can’t take me away from my one true love, the NBA. Go Sixers/Kings!

This summer I’ve been working in the communications department of the Chicago Yacht Club and avoiding going outside when it’s hotter than 85 degrees out. I’m a winter person.

I can’t wait for the school year to begin because I’m really hoping to put together an informative, fresh and entertaining sports section for everybody to read. I’m sure the rest of the DePaulia crew will be doing the same. Get reading!