Geniuses vs. Geeks

The Genius Squad is the free technology support and repair services for DePaul students. The service has been offered at the Loop Campus for many years but just recently started their Lincoln Park support center during winter quarter of 2007. The Squad now resides in the SAC room 235 today.

The team provides walk in service to students free of charge. They can work with MAC or PC and can do physical or software support. “Anything that is electronic we can take a look at it for you,” said second year graduate student Stefan Keir.

Anything from data recovery to operating installation and hardware replacement and upgrades, the genius squad can help.

“I was having a problem with my internet connector and I was planning on going out and buying a whole new computer but someone told me about the Genius Squad and they fixed it right away,” said sophomore Jaclyn Martin.

At the local Best Buy Geek Squad a person could end up paying enormous prices, since the average price to just “look” at a non warranty computer is $69.00. At the local Apple Support store a person could end up just buying a whole new computer if the problem isn’t physical. Prices at local computer repair shops vary but do not compare to the free service the Genius Squad can provide.

At the Genius Squad’s station you would usually see five-10 computers all running repair programs at once. The Squad remains very busy but with three Genius’ on staff at a time they are open to taking on anyone’s technological problem. Their success stories tower over their failure stories and they take on any challenge head on.

“We get paid to work here but I enjoy it, it’s relaxing,” Keir said.