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Super Bowl ads change as culture evolves

Super Bowl ads change as culture evolves

Brian O'Connell, Contributing Writer February 11, 2019

In today’s media landscape, the Super Bowl is the only annual event where an extensive amount of the U.S. population comes together to watch the same program. People come together to watch the National...

Its go time

It’s go time

Sex seldom sells in the Internet age, but this isn't the end of sexism in advertising
Mackenzie Murtaugh, Opinions Editor January 14, 2019

Years have passed since the notoriously sexy, tongue-in-cheek Carl’s Jr. and GoDaddy commercials disgraced our television screens. For a while, these two companies dared to showcase images of...

Many of the models in ‘Here, We Do’ campaign aren’t students

Many of the models in ‘Here, We Do’ campaign aren’t students

Adam Webb, Contributing Writer November 5, 2018

In April, DePaul University launched its ‘Here, We Do’ campaign in an effort to highlight the accomplishments and talents of the student body. On the enormous banner right outside of the DePaul Center,...

People walk past an anti-Muslim advertisement placed on a Philadelphia public bus. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Islamophobic ads highlight free speech controversy

Kevin Gross April 12, 2015

Look around the bus or train the next time you are riding the CTA; you will likely see a scantily clad advertisement for American Apparel, a picture telling you to “drink Bacardi,” or perhaps a promotional...

DePauls new ad campaign can be seen at various L stops throughout the city. (Zoe Krey / The DePaulia)

DePaul’s Big Data ad campaign hits the mark

Brendan O'Brien November 9, 2014

For many of us, we may not pay attention to countless advertisements on the ‘L’ trains traveling to and from class. But with DePaul University’s new Big Data advertisement campaign, thinking about...

Screenshot from

Pat Quinn, Bruce Rauner spend record amounts on ads

Grant Myatt October 26, 2014

With just about one week until Election Day, primetime TV is still packed with election ads hoping to make one last impression on voters before the big day. For all the races in Illinois, an estimated...

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