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DePaul students perform at amateur drag show

A student performs at the amateur drag show last Friday. The event, sponsored by Act Out DePaul, allows for students to express themselves in ways they otherwise could not. (Olivia Jepson / The DePaulia)

Danielle Church

May 3, 2015

Sophomore Jeremy Martens first figured out he loved to perform drag before he moved to the city, practicing in his bedroom. Because of his love for the performance, he decided to be a part of Act Out DePaul’s annual amateur drag show on Friday, May 2. Read More »...

DIY generation of drag queens takes center stage at DePaul’s Amateur Drag Show

(Photo courtesy of Taylor Gillen)

Emily Clement

May 3, 2015

As Brooke Candy’s song blasted through the Cortelyou Commons, Sara Tonin, scantily clad as a nun, stomped and gyrated in platform boots under the watchful gaze of a dozen portraits of priests. The crowd ate it up. Read More »...

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Amateur Drag Show